EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • Also grim and dehumanising

  • You can't dehumanise the dead. They're dead.

  • Also grim and dehumanising

    Like Brexit.

  • u can't tell me what i can't do

  • I'm not not telling you what you won't do.

  • But really, I just get tired that it all gets so helpless it feels like all we can do is make jokes/digs about it. I've made the point about the chance in electorate to pals in the past, just felt dark and futile today.

    orders teatowel

  • Johnson to Damien Green: Definitely won't be running on a no-deal manifesto in the GE.

    Cummings 10 minutes later: Lelz - he fell for it.

    Vaguely hopeful that this will either split the tories or see half their support go to the BXP depending on which way they go. Worry that Cummings might be betting that most of the one-nation lot will just not run in the election on no-deal platform and they can install headbangers instead.

  • I could do a teatowel of "people who didn't vote for Brexit who may soon be dead" to move it in really dark terroritory

  • Yep I am pretty confused by this, the emergency Parliament session and BJs insistence that we are definitely leaving on the 31st. I suppose that’s the point.

  • really dark terroritory

    Please tell me that's not a deliberate typo. :)

  • That is truly excellent

  • I'm pleased to tell you that was just me being unable to spell after a long day arguing with computers :)

  • Ah, very good. The word even has 'tory' in it.

  • :)

    Doesn't quite roll off the tongue unfortunately...

  • Some people on the internet reckon that the reason for this prorogation is that Boris wants to bring back May's deal (once he fails miserably to renegotiate). Quite plausible?

  • He'd be fought tooth and nail by the ERG, he'd get the Kinnock groups votes, maybe he'd be counting on the proximity of the 31st to tip more people toward supporting it from the Labour bench, but with the LD's going to bat for revoke I can't see them joining in.

    A gamble, and I think the thing that makes it unlikely is his whole rhetoric around "surrender bill", and the requirement to out-lunatic the Brexit party.

  • If he had a shred of integrity then it's difficult to see how he could, given the damning terms in which he's described it. So I'd say it's entirely possible.

  • With the Benn act to stave off no-deal how'd he pressure enough MP's into voting for it though?

  • What has prorogation got to do with it? Is it because the Queen's speech takes up time and pushes nearer the cliff edge? He could just bring May's deal back without that surely.

    Deffo a chance of it happening on the Saturday sitting (poss rolled in some light glitter) so he avoids the Benn deadline and might just get enough people bribed/threatened to pass it.

  • Arise Lord Rees-Mogg, Lord Baker, Lord Francois

  • It was the voting on the same thing during the same parliament problem I think. MPs have rejected TMs deal already, so it can't be voted on again, but after prorogation that problem goes away and it can have another shot, I think.

  • That's my understanding - new session of Parliament and it can be brought back again, can't be brought back in the current one (or the one that has now been closed) as Bercow said the same bill could not be brought back repeatedly.

  • Ah yes - forgot about that. Seems like aeons ago now!

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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