EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • It was two years ago and if someone has not changed their mind in that time (r.e. the definition of "lose an election") I don't think another argument here is going to swing it. Maybe we ought to move on?

  • Since an honest att6to be helpful is a) not going to be read properly and b) pompously dismissed, I'm unlikely to try again.


  • Remind me, what did Miliband do when he lost in 2015?

    He had to quit because

    a - bacon
    b - he nicked his brother's job
    c - he got fewer seats than Brown (IIRC)

  • Genuinely sorry for the offence caused. I didn’t intend to make uncharitable assumptions or shouty accusations. I don’t actually disagree with any of the points made above (for example, I agree with most of the points in 24358, 24359 and 24360).

    My over riding point (and maybe @GoatandTricycle’s) is that the acid test of electoral success for both Labour and the Conservatives is whether you can deliver a majority in a general election. By that measure both May and Corbyn were proven to be losers in 2017.

    The test applied to Corbyn by Labour after the 2017 election was that he did better than his predecessor and the low expectations set for him. If the ultimate goal is a majority in a general election, perhaps that was the wrong test to apply. We will get to see in due course.

  • Apologies if I came across as pompous certainly wasn’t my intention. Your response just seemed ambiguous. Not without relevance but at the same time not quantifiable like the The Popular vote.

  • Two more reasons and it spells bacon right?

    s’ok I got this guis

  • Exactly or create a majority having gained the most seats.

  • b - he nicked his brother's job
    a - bacon
    c - he got fewer seats than Brown
    o - resemblance of Wallace
    n - bacon

  • Ed-stone

    So unforgivable I had forgotten about it.

  • real estate....Spain

    Almost all the IFAs I know have basically relocated to the Costa d/S for 50-90% of their time. There are exceptions but the consensus is that if you're buying and not Spanish you'll be mugged off beginning to end. However cheap a property you think you are getting you're probably overpaying, you'll be stymied at every turn when doing any building work, and you won't be able to sell it.

    Whereas you can rent supervillain like pads for relatively little €s.

  • I know some locals who might be able me avoid the 'English Pig' phenomena. As far as buying goes that's a fair way off. First gotta see if the missus enjoys Spain as much as I did, then gotta see if I can move out there with my work, then I'd have to rent somewhere to get the vibe of the joint and then I might consider the buying bit. Then again some of the places are so fucking cheap I could just sell some shit in this flat to afford a place to store some bikes in.

  • Where are you thinking of renting?


    Psni chief: we won't police your customs checkpoints, Boris Johnson.

  • labour's electoral map after the 2017 GE was an order of magnitude better than the position they were in after the 2015 GE. the 2015 result was basically like the 1983 result inasmuch as it basically wrote off the next GE before it had happened - you have to understand the 2017 GE in that context.

    following 2015, the tories only had a few seats with small majorities and there were lots with fortress-sized positions. it was a similar position in scotland where the SNP had lots of seats with super-majorities following 2015... after 2017, there are lots of vulnerabilities dotted around the map for LAB to go after. you'd think (with JC's control more established over the party apparatus) the next campaign in scotland would be run more on the front foot and less like an edinburgh south by-election

    to just become the largest party following 201, LAB needed a swing of 5.4 percent. contrast that with the electoral map as it stands now - a 5.4% swing would give them a majority of 1 (if we assume the polls are right in scotland and LAB make no gains.) if they do make gains in scotland, on a uniform swing, 5.4% gives them a majority of 28.


    Huh, so NOW Boris is going to send the extension letter if there is no deal by the 19th.

    Or so he says, you can't watch that fecker with a bag of eyeballs.

  • Just been reading some brexiter twitters - now claiming Johnson is a remainer and this was all a plot.

  • Yeah, and which is exactly what Boris (et al) knew would happen if he was forced to ask for an extension, and why he was desperate for an election before the 31st.

  • Well, he was/is a remainer isn't he? In that he thought leaving would be a bad idea...

  • Apparently (I haven't seen this myself), Hungarian newspapers lead with Jacob Rees Mogg confirms George Soros funded remain campaign stories today.

    And he had the fucking audacity to call Labour antisemitic.

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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