EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • Yes, but it won’t be anywhere you’d want to live.

    Or your “friend”

  • His “friend” was brought up on a prison colony and escaped to Ealing, Costa del Crime will be an improvement.

  • I think you’re attempting to rewrite history here. Clegg was clear that he felt they should talk with the Tories first as they were the largest single party.

  • Does one preclude the other?

  • I can't believe Brown could have expected to have carried on as leader having lost that election - I don't remember any PMs who carried on as leader after losing a general election.

  • By your definition of ‘lose’ wouldn’t Theresa May be one?

    { edit - ooops, too slow }

  • But back to the point, whilst the LibDems may have made that demand, I don’t think there were ever serious negotiations between them and Labour.

    The LibDems were keen to jump into bed with the Tories. Which I imagine they’ve regretted since 2015.

  • Ha - oh yes. Already forgotten about her...

  • Yeah exactly. I remember this because LDs were kingmaker to either Labour or Tories, and I fully expected them to go in with Labour. But as John Oliver pointed out on The Daily Show at the time, Labour had 'the loser stink' on them. LDs made mistakes while in coalition but going into coalition was not, imo, one of them.

  • Theresea May didn’t loose an election. The Tory party still had the largest number of seats.

  • No, but she did lose one.

  • Losing your majority is a loss.

  • Semantics. She may have lost, yet no one beat her.

  • I really wish the opposition and its supporters would stop this narrative.
    The Tories won the most seats in both the last GE and the 2010(!?) GE.
    Labour should focus on winning the most seats outright short of winning a majority rather than this weird narrative that they have somehow won.

  • Good point, well made.

    Unless I could buy a whole beachfront and ban red-faced, roly poly Stella drinkers and cars.

  • Corbyn has lost two GE's, still there.

  • Only 2017. Miliband in 2015.

  • And he improved on previous results.

  • What. Corbyn was never a PM so doesn’t go on the list of PMs who stayed on as leader after a GE defeat.

  • Ok, one GE. Forgot about Miliband, must be the bacon sandwich.

    Remind me, what did Miliband do when he lost in 2015?

  • Forgot about Miliband

    It happens.

  • It's been a while, but if you remember, there was a general suspicion that the election was Corbyn's chance to hang himself and would either have to resign, or there would be a second leadership challenge, afterwards. Instead the Tories lost their majority, Labour increased it's number of seats, and on the whole received a popular vote which hadn't been seen since Blair in 1997. Even his harshest critics accepted the results as a (third) mandate for his leadership.

  • Can you explain what you mean by, on the whole received a popular vote?
    They still received less total votes I thought?

  • yes, but more votes than has been seen for a good 20 years or so

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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