EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • Google 'Boris Bridge' there's now not a single returned item on the front page about the garden bridge - only his new bold infrastructure project.

    What else is there that he's got in his background? I imagine there's a list of subjects been constructed that he can drop over time to erase those from searches.

  • Boris drugs/cocaine? Boris infidelity/affairs? Boris massive great liar? Boris racist? Boris and Darius Guppy/Stuart Collier?

    Those are probably the ones that stick out, though not in that order.

  • Also may have something to do with the appalling behaviour of a huge number of your compatriots abroad over the years. Ref: Every single football tournament ever...or, even, international political legacies. A polite summary of how the reputation of English tourists has been created can be found at any resort on the Costa del Sol...

    Remarks unsolicited or encouraged by me at any rate so don't know why Greek, Spanish, French, Portuguese or Italians are "hedging their bets" on Scottish folk being racist towards, can you explain?

    Determined to be the victim much or are you seriously saying that how much of the International community perceives the English is not because of your own actions but, in fact, determined by your neighbor of 5million people being massive racists about you?! I fear you've actually passed the bounds of credibility on that one...

  • Honestly, as SEO goes that's a pretty clever approach...

  • It'll be interesting to see how he wallpapers over "boris piccaninnies"

  • Bold introduction of condiments to the dialogue. Pray that no one can spell Piccalilli?

  • This is all a hangover from the bad old days of the Football thread, which was allowed to be a happy place for racism/xenophobia/anti-semitism/sectaria­nism for many years. There's still the occasional Pistanator acolyte who gets on the brave pills and churns out this bigoted shite.

  • That time he recited the Mandalay poem... "Boris Kipling" - expect an announcement boosting post Brexit confectionary exports any day soon

  • "Yellowhammer" is an anagram of "Orwell Mayhem"

    so that's nice. if you like that sort of thing.

  • A synonym would be "Cowardly Tool"

  • Perhaps they say this hedging that Scottish = racists towards English.

    I honestly don’t think it work that way, like there’s no institutionalised racism toward white people.

    The English in history have always treated Scotland as a secondary, and still do to this day by Westminister.

  • Second?
    Surely the order is more like wales, Cornwall, NI, IoW, insert others here, Scotland.

  • <popcorn.gif>

  • edit: Apologies I mixed up your link with a twitter summary I had open.

    I'm quite surprised by this chart:

    The huge spikes are what draws the eye, but what seems really odd is that for the majority of the year, all shorts taken by UK firms have been almost exclusively by those connected to vote leave.

    Can that be correct? Is that because almost all firms are connected to Leave? Or is it something else?

  • We're all hoping aren't we?

  • .

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  • No offence intended.

    Just thought it was an interesting observation that for someone to talk to you about the qualities of a nationality, they themselves might have prejudicial ideas about either Scots, English or both ... which I (alone?) found amusing.

    I’m not arguing there isn’t a history of the English being pricks.


    EU proposes NI only backstop (goods/agri in single market, but FOM/services etc. NOT) again to the UK. After Bojo ruled it out, but they originally proposed this to May as well.­reland-49676133

    Belfast no-deal Brexit case thrown out of court as it is a political and not a legal issue, but they will appeal it.

    Stolen from Twitter: Nobody was losing sleep over Remain before, but Brexit on the other hand...

  • No institutions are involved. Only two individuals. Are you saying resentment towards the English isn’t a thing? Anecdotally there’s a fair bit amongst Irish, Welsh and Scottish towards the English, mostly because of the way Britain has been governed (by English cunts). I’m not equating it to mistreatment in the other direction because (as you say) the power dynamic is what it is. But you shouldn’t pretend it doesn’t (or even cannot) exist.

  • No offense taken, just seems a bit tenuous when there's unfortunately ample precedent of quite poor behaviour (be it hooliganism or just general rep for being loud/rude) or historical grievances from Waterloo to Gibraltar to Churchill playing god with India, the Irish or turning against the Greek partisans who fought on our side and condemning the country to a bitter four year civil war... There's lots there to keep you busy before chalking it up to folk playing to a gallery of Scottish grudges.

  • Take the xenophobia because your ancestors dealt it out?

    It’s a view, and I sympathise, but I’d still maybe tell you to get fucked.


  • at least appreciate the fact that our privilege, wealth and access as westerners has come at the cost of generations of injustice inflicted on those our forebears have brutalised and oppressed with utter impunity, a lot of which continues to this day.

  • Wasn't British Imperialism a joint enterprise between the English and the Scots? Fairly sure that Glasgow, the second city of the empire, was built on wealth derived from slavery.­collections/virtualdisplays/blackhistory­month/slaveryandanti-slavery/

    None of which validates calling anyone 'sweaty'.

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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