EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • It’s all relative pal. My missus is from Glasgow, aka The Filth, whereas I am half teuchter, half fur-coats-nae-knickers. We’re just back from a small town in France which was full of jeans and sheux types with bulging portfolios. Vive la différence hein?

  • Evidently Bobbo thinks it's just us getting het up about nothing, I disagree and could share anecdotes of working in London and folk asking me why I was there or where I'd learned English as if I'd come off the boat from Russia or something.

    People excuse it as friendly banter but I haven't ever found that to be the case-all my pals in first year at Uni were English and this is long enough ago that Scotland actually beat them in a football game... It went from fun to rabid cursing and exclamations of "fucking dirty Scots cunts", "sheepshagging bastards" etc in a heartbeat and it showed a few things up about their actual attitudes. Other folk also use England as an interchangeable term for the UK, again, says a lot... Those guys were still pals but not really the same as before and I definitely didn't watch the football with them as it was the same with every team that was playing against England... Endless xenophobia and derogatory insults. It explains a lot about why when I go abroad and people ask where you're from they often say "oh I'm glad you're not English", it's an attitude that has been widely recognised over time and hasn't won many friends even pre Brexit.

    I'm just a bit saddened to see the same shit go on here and like I said, don't believe it would be tolerated if it was directed at another group of folk.

  • I’m saddened and sadly unsurprised pal; any time you try to call it out for what it really represents you either get radio silence or the “can’t we all just get along?” keech. Might as well just quote Trainspotting to prove we’re all uncultured smackheids and be done with it.

  • PC posturing, me? Not sure I’ve ever had that charge levelled at me. Double standards, well we all have them. I will continue to use derogatory terms for the home nations, including the shandy drinkers of London Town And of course the French. Deal with it or put me on ignore, I’m not apologising to the cross dressing blue faced neighbours. I’m off to the beach for a swim.

  • I generally bite my tongue despite what people think here, it's just the cognitive dissonance between what folk have been posting about Brexit and the condescending shite that gets papped out about IndyRef stuff that has been royally rustling my Scotch eggs.

    If anyone here thinks it's overblown or not a thing just go look at the replies to Piers Morgan's tweets about his interview with Sturgeon or that car crash Jeremy Vine segment recently where the panel basically ridiculed the entire country or BBC question time repeatedly getting caught out using Tory Councilors or known Unionist activists as plants for Joe public whenever in Scotland.... It's endemic.

  • Whatever you ugly two Bob mug cunt. If you want to insult someone there's plenty of alternative terms you can use that don't depend on hiding your shriveled little cock with a St George cross and harking back to the days of yore when you got to push the natives about with bayonets or send dissidents off to the colonies...

  • Tomorrow's front page (from an unwaveringly Unionist paper)

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  • If the English Supreme court reaches the same conclusion Boris may find himself getting impeached..

  • If the English Supreme court reaches the same conclusion Boris may find himself getting impeached..

    Sadly, they won't.

    (Source: I am married to a public law QC who works with many public law QCs in a chambers regarded as on of the best public law chambers in the world.

    None of them think that the SC will uphold it.)

    It doesn't rule it out, but I am certainly not hopeful.

  • If someone has said "please don't use that, I find it offensive", it's pretty much time to stop using that phrase.

    It might not represent all the things that have been said when you use it, but it does to those who've asked you not to.

    Its a wind up term and you've been wound up by it.

  • Can you post this in the golf bar thread.

  • I'm sure someone will do.

  • By which I mean, "I'll ask the butler to attend to that."

  • boris can lie to the people, lie to the press, lie to his own party, lie to parliament, but when it comes to lying to the queen thats a no-no bo-jo,

    she might be useful for something after all
    come on the supreme court find him guilty of lying to her madge

    is that a court that the great unwashed can sit in ?

  • We do indeed all have double standards. Some of us, however also have humility and are happy to swallow our pride and apologise for our behaviour after being told by multiple people that it was unacceptable.

    As has been pointed out several times the language you used was outdated, lazy, and offensive. The manner in which you've dealt with justified criticism is frankly utterly embarrassing and telling someone to put you on ignore so you don't have to moderate your vernacular is so endemic to this problem on a macro level that it would be hilarious if not so pathetic.

    Oh and also nice addition of transphobia at the end there, super classy. Bravo.

  • is that a court that the great unwashed can sit in ?

    "When The Supreme Court is sitting, members of the public are welcome to watch the Justices at work."­ilities.html

    You can buy a teddy bear too

  • I’m from Glasgow, but I’ve spent most of my adult life in England. The use of terms like ‘sweaties’ exploded around the time of the independence referendum, mainly by people who didn’t have the first clue about the issues, but were going to talk loudly and at length about them anyway.

    It’s lingered on since then, generally with the implied (or as often explicit) context of ‘sit down and shut up, we’re in charge’. Use it if you must, but any Scots in earshot will assume some pretty shitty things about you in return.

  • I thought more in terms of using something utterly ridiculous but on the surface harmless to capture media attention and move the spotlight away from things he's less keen on exploring.

  • No actual argument to support your view then? ... just stating that you’re not bothered?


    I’m going to start stopping ambulances just to let them know I’m ok.

  • You lot are all boring middle aged husks sniping at each other on the internet. Give it a rest.

  • I go abroad and people ask where you're from they often say "oh I'm glad you're not English"

    Perhaps they say this hedging that Scottish = racists towards English... which is a sort of infinite feedback racism loop. Yum.

  • Reported.
    I'm triggered over this language.

  • Dead cat on the table

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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