EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • Like anyone will click a link now? Or maybe that was all part of the plan?

  • 5 pages?! Did they bang that out over lunch? Was expecting something a little longer.

  • WTAF? With bigotry remarks like that, its no wonder many Scots hate the English.

    Edit. Ive just seen the absolute non apology, from the back of your minature Shetland

  • Wow. Would be great to see proof of that, because that directly contradicts what the government has been saying for a while. Not that I have any reason to trust them of course.

    I might also add I happen to know a person involved in Brexit planning, albeit in a relatively junior position. According to said person (not that they'd tell me details of course), it's all been about no deal for a while now, and the whole planning process is a big clusterfuck with way too many things to plan for and way too many different departments and people not cooperating to the extent they would need to.

  • There are plenty of dicks in Scotland who are just as petty and bigoted towards the English. Really it's not worth getting your knickers in a twist over.

    Can we just ignore it and move on.

    At the end of the day we'll need to if Boris's new, and in no way COMPLETELY FUCKING INSANE, plan build a bridge between Scotland and NI comes to fruition.

  • Isn't that just BoJo's version of "let's buy Greenland"?

  • I think it's just a way for people searching for "Boris Johnson Bridge" not to come up with endless links to pages about him squandering millions on the failed garden bridge.

    Similar to his "I like to make model buses" to distract from £350m/week to the NHS buses.

  • I think it is actually slightly more stupid than that.

    I suppose that even Boris has to be the best at something and he does have form with bridges.

  • Eh, what? Again, epic whataboutery at play.

    Are any of these dicks on here being petty and bigoted to other forumengers and then dismissing any objections as high handed?

    By your logic, nobody should complain about any kind of derogatory remarks or racism because someone somewhere of the opposing characteristics may also be a dick of the same kind?

    Pretty fucking weak, and again pretty fucking illuminating of a certain kind of exceptionalism and double standards that's been well noted...

  • Holy fuck. That's the definition of a scandal.

  • I suppose that even Boris has to be the best at something and he does have form with bridges.

    Has he got Joanna Lumley on side yet?

  • TBF if the Scottish people in here don't like being called something, people probably shouldn't call them that, and if someone (@someone) called them something without realising it was quite as bad as they thought it was, they should probably say "whoops, it wasn't such a problem in my day, but the times they are a'changing, and I will try to change with them, my bad."

  • With Billions riding on it, is BJ actually going to be dead in a ditch if he fails

  • Fingers crossed.

  • Not at all. I don't see the point in jumping up and down and throwing toys out of the pram over something so petty.

    FWIW I was born, bred and schooled in Scotland although I don't currently live there and have been on the receiving end on physical violence because of my heritage.

    I understand why you find what ramsaye said offensive but for many, many reasons think that there are better things to be upset about.

  • Or stranger things to be upset about.

  • Barb!

  • With BJ and JRM probably lying to her about prorogue, also not having a majority or a plan, could the Queen dismiss the PM/party and ask JC to form a government?

  • .
    Wrong place

  • I think the issue here is not “bantz” or anything like wilful ignorance; nor is it us Scotch getting oor breeks in a twist aboot a daft wee slip o’ the tongue. It is, as many have pointed out, that to use lazy, stereotypical epithets implies superiority over the group/race being pilloried. Witness what’s going on with Brexit or with Scotland feeling largely powerless to the government eagerly skullfucking the democratic process. Yes, Scotland has more than its fair share of arseholes; I have English pals living in the sticks who feel marginalised purely for being English. I’ve seen “WHITE SETTLERS OUT” painted on Highland walls; my dad was routinely called “Jock” in the pub where he worked after he’d finished his shift as a mental health nurse. I was born in Scotland to Scottish parents but spent years 2-12 growing up in Gloucester (just across the park from Fred West, trivia/murder fans) but moved back up North, so I’ve seen both sides of it. I studied at a university where 60% of my class were Oxbridge regects whose daddies had bought them a 3 bed in the New Town and who called me “Jock” for actually being from Edinburgh. TL:DR version: interested to see if @Ramsaye would be comfortable slinging around “Chinky,” “Wop,” “Yid,” “Spic” etc etc from his “It’s Just a Word, Mate” lexicon.

  • Oh yeah,"bantz" is a dickhead term anyway, but maybe having never felt the need to go any further than a bit of actual friendly English/Scottish/Irish/Welsh/Northern/So­uthern ribbing between friends about accent quirks or gravy, anything like that has always seemed more of a "we're all the same but different"British piss taking. I don't tend to use lazy words like Jock anyway, more because they just don't seem part of a modern nongammon lexicon than I was purposely avoiding them for being offensive though. Maybe Brits who feel it's OK to say, feel close enough as a unified nation to throw the language around like it's their own, when to those on the receiving end it's not the same and it's more like a white guy singing all the NWA lyrics out loud in mixed company rather than alone in their car. It's probably just me sitting on top of the pile of privilege and not seeing the plight of the other Union countries when looking past them to the bottom. Or I'm so woke I forget I was ever asleep. Or I'm a little pished.
    Anyway, is the country still fucked? When can I complain about frogs and krauts?

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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