EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • Has this been resolved yet?

  • No, but LFGSS Summer Caps are on order!

  • sweet!

  • Should arrive from Italy at the start of November.

  • I thought they're "made in Ireland"?

  • Ohhh, linky?

    Having hunted and found it, rotter.

  • [the Lib Dems] prefer no deal to Corbyn in charge for a few weeks

    You could just as honestly (read: not very) say that Corbyn would prefer no deal to someone else being in charge for a few weeks. Fault on both sides here. Only the partisan say otherwise.

  • Nah, supporting the leader of the opposition to oust the actual government was the logical step, getting someone else in charge should be a last resort if that's not possible. Rather unsurprising anyways.

  • From an (unwritten) constitution perspective Corbyn has “first dibs” on the leadership post VONC ousting Johnson.

    However, he’d fail to get the votes required.

    Therefore a more measured response might have been to say something along the lines of “bearing in mind the political realities and the requirement to stop Brexit* at all costs I would suggest that Harriet Harman stands as leader in my stead until a post crisis GE”.

    *I don’t think Corbyn actually wants this, however- I think he’d take a Milne/McClusky Brexit any day of the week. On a personal note, I don’t trust Corbyn any more, which is a shame as at one point I did think he represented change for the better.

    The LD’s and Labour need to stop fighting over this and focus on the defining issue of our times, it’s unedifying watching them scrap whilst the country burns.

  • . On a personal note, I don’t trust Corbyn any more, which is a shame as at one point I did think he represented change for the better

    I feel similarly. I'm unsure why, whether it's because I'm a massive centrist dad cunt or whether he's not got a fair go at doing stuff because of the cunts in the press and the centrist cunts in the party or if he's utterly ineffectual and the cunts he installed in the party are fucking useless.

    I'm going for : I'm a massive centrist jeans and sheux wearing cunt

  • I don’t know what he himself believes in- all we get are contradictory words and actions, with no clarity- which suggests that he knows clarity won’t be popular.

    And the irony here is that it was his (initial) honesty that was so appealing.

    Ultimately I feel that he is saying one thing and will do another.

  • I don't even think he'll do that.
    I think he's happy being in opposition as he's used to being "thwarted by bigger forces".

  • Well this is one of the things the media has done so well - sow loads of nonspecific doubt about a leader that was elected to the top of his party with the largest mandate ever, right?

  • Ah, it’s fake news?

  • It's not news? You're both saying you don't know something, so are assuming the worst aren't you?

  • Anyway - Corbyn thread >>>>>

  • I understand the difficult situation being left of the press and the establishment is.

  • I think it's time to merge this with the Corbyn and the trump thwad and call it "the state of this"

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  • "I hope we get out of Brexit"

    You and me both, Ian. ;)

  • @Hippy, merge with the footy thread please.

  • hope it's not a repost..

  • Sort of middle aged musings that are cracking you up at the moment.

  • i'm sorry for picking up the wrong thread, posted only because i feel that's a very accurate description on how the whole brexit process is looking from outside the uk.

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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