EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • Problem is it's remain in the EU and reform the UK, and the UK consistently vote for the party that wishes to do neither of these things.

  • Why Brexit?
    Because we had a referendum. Why did the small majority vote to leave?
    Because statistically there are more stupid people than clever people.
    If we had a referendum on capital punishment, we would return to state sponsored murder for the same reason.

  • Because statistically there are more stupid people than clever people.

    Can you back this statement up?

  • Brexit might be their evidence

  • Lots of clever people also voted to leave, lots of stupid people vote to remain. I don’t think you can define intelligence by the way someone has voted.

  • I was suggesting @Alf0nse might cite the Brexit vote as evidence

  • The explanatory category to apply isn't stupidity, but ignorance. On both sides. It's one of those dividing issues where nobody really knows all about the option that they plump for based largely on feeling.

  • Note that there are strong links between education level and how people voted in the referendum but not with intelligence and how people voted.

  • Yeah sure

    Less students achieve higher marks in exams than take exams.

    In every educational system ever.

    But let’s be fair it depends where you draw the this country it was 52%

    (Ok a few self serving intelligent total cunts voted leave)

    But because there are more dumdums is the very reason you don’t run a country with binary referendums.

  • Hang on ....5% of UKIPs voted Remain?

  • I am not sure there is a 1:1 relationship between education and intelligence. There is always an amount of stupid people with degrees.

    The work brexiter wanted more democracy but voting for brexit cos "at least we only have our own politicians" comes from someone with a master's degree in physics...

    So as Oliver says: There is also ignorance.

    And then a lot of people have been encouraged to vote on feelings.

    Leave complaint about "project fear" while encouraging fear about Turkish immigrants comes to mind.

    Anger about austerity (which is ideological driven kill the poor policy) directed towards leaving the EU to "give Westminster a bloody nose" while Westminster would implement Brexit...

    Strong hate/anger feelings = less thinking.

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  • ^Dammit has a small right hand

  • That’s gotta be it

  • Less students achieve higher marks in exams than take exams.

    OK, I must be one of the stupid ones, as this statement is not enlightening me at all.

    Aside from the less / fewer grammar nazi point - does it mean that: not everyone who takes an exam gets an A grade?

    And that is supposed to prove that there are more stupid people than clever people in the world?

    Ignoring things such as: normalised marking schemes; education does not equal intelligence; an arbitrary definitional line between your notion of stupid and clever.

    Intelligence, ignorance, education and political engagement are probably all factors that are correlated to the leave / remain deicide in some fashion and some degree. But just to say that the world has more stupid people seems to be a bit, well, stupid.

  • Oh, am I thick?

  • "I (the smart rational person) voted Remain, whereas you (the ignorant angry person) voted Leave"

    And people wonder why Remain lost.

  • So all the people that voted leave to avoid EU tax avoidance laws shining a light on their off shore accounts... Are they stupid?

    Because that's the entire reason Brexit suddenly became palatable imhop...

  • That was the reason why millions of pounds were spent on convincing the gullible that leave was their best option, despite it obviously only being the best option for a handful of ludicrously wealthy.

  • No, but it appears this self serving minority have.managed to exploit other people’s more limited learning experience to convince them to vote in the interest of this rich subsection of society.

  • Talking about it in a black/white all-Leavers-are-stupid sense is unhelpful. They're not all stupid/poorly educated, but a higher proportion of them are. They're not all greedy/rapacious, but a higher proportion of them are. They're not all racists/bigots, but a higher proportion of them are.

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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