EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • First picture is strong #accidentalrenaissance

  • Why didn't we get one of each?

    Austerity & saving the planet combined to create the perfect storm, obvs.

  • Yes but the Primark advertisement in the background ruins the vibe for me.

  • What the hell is going on with the polling? Is that a real reflection of the uk? If the gurner-in-chief and his lot get 33% of the vote I’m going to be Torn between hoping brexit is cancelled and hoping it goes ahead with all haste.

  • Is it because no one tried to address the dissatisfaction that caused brexit in the the first place (apart from a few labour mps, and they don’t get any good press)?

  • Yeah, that’s basically it. The public - or at least, the vocal parts of the public, as supported and amplified by the right wing Murdoch press - now want Brexit, which will simultaneously fix all social problems and remove all foreigners while creating the opportunity to trade jam and scones across the commonwealth.

  • But is that 33% realistic or is it a scary polling vote. If the former it feels like no uk politician is going to challenge or push for a 2nd resolution.

  • ah pics didn't load for me either, strong placard and it scans the way they wrote it.
    Also how Milo has fallen from.late night TV to supporting that twat in truro outside a primark.

  • Got Brexit Partied. How would they get my details? I'm not on the open electoral register. How can I best occupy their admin time in return?

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  • I'm not on the open electoral register.

    The full list is available to political parties.­ctoral-register/

    How can I best occupy their admin time in return?

    Send them a GDPR subject access request.

    1. Write an email to requesting confirmation that they hold no GDPR data on you following the mailshot. Make sure you include some GDPR info in there - name and email address should be plenty but I added my number / address in my sig.

    2. They'll write you a form email saying 'don't worry, Brexit Party doesn't have any of your details, the letters were triggered from the electoral register on behalf of Brexit Party'. Which is true. But since you've emailed them, they now have an email with your GDPR data on it. Which you can query.

    3. Reply accepting their initial point, but querying what they will do now with your actual GDPR data in the form of your email, using a GDPR template. A good sample one is here­-letter-gdpr-access-request/

    I'm planning on tying up these dickheads as much as I can.

  • GDPR subject access request

    Please, tell me more.

  • Erm ... isn't that completely futile?

    What does 'tying them up' really achieve beyond giving them a sense that their attempts to divide people are working?

  • I mean, of course I understand being very angry about this, but I'm sure there are better ways of making a difference.

  • Erm ... isn't that completely futile?

    Yes. But a GDPR request is less stupid than returning it through the Royal Mail or sending a brick with insufficient postage which I've seen suggested elsewhere.

    What does 'tying them up' really achieve

    It might cost them some real money which they then can't spend on actual campaigning.

  • Angry Remoaners are abusing intrusive EU regulations to force the Brexit Party to spend time and money on GDPR compliance. Donate/vote now!

    - Nigel Farage

  • They are doing fuck all and poll at 34%

  • I recently spelled out Fuck Farage in pasta and posted a picture of it on Facebook. It won't be long before they start to feel the effects.

  • Stoke Newington is lost to them.

  • They're gonna absolutely walk the Europeans. Dire times

  • I think it's realistic, it's the hard brexit vote.
    Remain is split 2 or more ways (lib dems or greens), then there are those who are sticking with their preferred main westminster party (lab or con) despite their shambles.

    Ironically I think a lot of people from the last group will be those in the middle of the brexit scale, soft brexiteers or soft remainers. They probably want it done but are less likely to vote in the 'extreme' so will vote for the people who haven't got it done thus far.

  • I know I'm preaching to the choir here but if anyone fancies getting angry:­ries/nigel-farage-boasts-about-money-fro­m-mep-job-1-6049103

  • The noises Alan Sugar makes in the separate GMB video on that page (before he starts talking) sum up perfectly how I feel about Farage.

    What was the context of the waving money around? Do you know? I suspect he'll argue he was showing how ridiculously overpaid MEPs are and what a cushy job it is.

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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