EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • Yep,
    the Tories are willing to be embarassed in Local Elections, wiped out in the pending Euro elections, but the (pitifully low) membership is almost certainly never going to vote on the leadership again.
    Remember the derision ukip encountered after their most recent leadership election? Less then 20,000 votes.
    Remember back to July 2016? Leadership candidates were ruhlessly culled down to a final pair and the Tory press did the rest. Admittedly Leadsom was (is) stupid enough to self destruct, but expect the same again,
    the Tories can oust May anytime soon.

  • Anybody else get a personally addressed election communication from the fucking Brexit Party?

  • Yes I think you get one if you’ve followed Mamnick on Instagram

  • Yes. Sent it back to them without a stamp in the biggest envelope I could find.

  • In the past I’d send rocks and used batteries when I got junk political mail that came with postage paid returns envelopes.

  • Yes, several people in this thread already:­

    I got mine yesterday. It's just a 3 fold piece of A4, no return envelope.

    No point doing "Return to Sender" or posting anything back without a stamp as that will only end up costing the Royal Mail time and money (The Brexit Party are just going to throw away the notifications of letters with underpaid postage rather than pay for them).

  • Liz got one, I didn’t.
    Happy to pay postage on some used kitty litter as a pressie for them.

  • I got one too but I'm definitely on the edited electoral role.

    Presuming at least some of you also elected to not have your details given out, how did they get them? And how would that be compatible with GDPR?

  • I posted this in a few Facebook groups to enrage the gammon, 100% success rate.

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  • Presuming at least some of you also elected to not have your details given out, how did they get them?

    They are a political party. By law they get access to the full electoral roll (the one you can't opt out of).

    And how would that be compatible with GDPR?

    Because there's a legal basis for doing it. By law Political parties are given the full electoral register to use for political campaigning purposes.

  • I've heard several times in th'Media,
    that TMay has a determination to serve as PM
    for longer than Gordon Brown.
    Just 24 more days

  • UCrap had 3 council seats in Northern Ireland. Now they have none.

    Well with the DUP what can they offer anyway, aside from overt xenophobia / anti refugee / anti foreign aid sentiments.

  • So much deep-seated ignorance ... the figures in the article linked to below are only the reported incidents. I'm sure there were many more that went unreported. Given that London's a huge place, these are, of course, not that many incidents, but it never ceases to be depressing that people are 'racists' ('race' as they construe it being a phantom concept, as there's only one human race).­exit-tensions-partly-to-blame-charity-cl­aims-as-racist-offences-double-on-tfl-ra­il-network-in-a4131256.html

    What I always find very sad is the lack of language knowledge and -teaching in the UK.

    In one instance, in October last year, a woman was punched in the face on the Overground, claiming it was because she was speaking Spanish. Her attacker reportedly said: "You shouldn’t speak other languages."

    Speaking other languages opened a large swathe of the world for me, and linguistic diversity is one of my greatest delights, so I find this particularly sad. Lots of linguistically-talented people in the UK are denied the fulfilment of their potential through this lack of teaching.

  • I resent this, I only want to receive marketing from parties whose ideology I agree with ;)

    I suppose the real question here is where they're getting all the money for these blanket communications, as a brand new political party...

  • From a few people who split their cash into £25 untraceable PayPal amounts and a 100K donor who Farage won't name.

    Is there not a law that amounts over £2000 must be declared?

  • Donations over £500 can't be anonymous, perhaps why their website donate drop-down only goes up to £500.

    The identity of the £100k donor will have to revealed but not until July.

  • While I can't speak other languages one if the nice things about London is that you hear so many if them.

    There is a creeping england for the English mentality.

  • Ah, I didn't know they didn't have to declare until July. Tx :)

  • Absolutely.

    People don't realise that there's always been a lot of movement and a lot of things that we consider 'English' today are of fairly recent immigration. People, names, words, food, etc.

  • plus ca change


    The replies to this are astonishing (and, frankly, heartbreaking).

    (I post this here rather than the Trump thread as many of our right-wing politicians openly advocate the further privatisation of our healthcare.)

  • The Netherlands is not like the NHS as one Tweeter thinks, but private with strong government cost controls and basic insurance gets refunded so people don't go without.

    Not the worst system but I doubt that is what the privatisation politicians advocate :(

    And I still prefer the NHS, I don't see the use of privatisation.

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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