EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • Surely it's a safer supposition that if May says she definitely won't do it, she'll definitely do it? :)

  • The ECJ judgement certainly seemed to suggest that revoking would need an Act of Parliament at least.

  • fwiw the twitter post beneath had this petition which is almost over the 10k mark so worth signing­/241848

  • and Yet...

  • Translation: everyone on the left wants a second Ref, and Remain, except Corbyn.


    BTW The Times was heavily pro remain in the referendum.

  • No great surprise. As someone wisely noted recently you have to watch what Corbyn actually does in order to determine his views, and otherwise ignore what people (mostly his accolytes, but sometimes Corbyn himself) claim his position to be. He's so incredibly duplicitous, but utimately quite transparent.

  • He's so mauve. We don't know what he's planning.

  • May will not request a long extension

    Is she going to kick back at parliament by forcing a hard Brexit upon us if they don’t accept her WA?

  • Her insistence on her deal is beyond staggering. Also shows how weak the Cabinet remainers are. They need to start asserting their weight and push her away from the Eurosceptic maniacs.

    Haven't the EU said that they'll reject a short extension without any purpose?

    Does this though make it more likely that the Kyle ammendment passes next week? Assumptions based that:

    EU rejects short extension
    MV3 fails next week as Brexitiers see No deal as now likely.
    Kyle ammendment put forward after MV3 failure. Passes narrowly as its the last option to avoid leaving with no deal and attracts enough cross party support.
    EU then grants extension long enough for second referendum on the deal.

  • She should stand up in front of the dispatch box, wait for absolute silence, then say "I revoke Article 50 and I resign." Then drop a microphone (or a gavel?) and walk out.

    Imagine the absolute scenes.

  • Footnote: Jolyon Maugham QC argues eloquently that a revocation by the PM would pass ECJ judicial review and stand as law.

  • She’s not going to revoke Article 50, it’s a remainers wet dream.

    She has consistently avoided making decisions that will tear the Tory party apart, mainly by kicking the can down the road, the short delay she has requested follows this pattern.

    Its clear she would prefer no deal over a decision that will alienate the bulk of her party membership.

  • bulk of her party membership

    all 60k ish of them!

  • That's the crux of the problem, her devotion to the Conservative party. Nothing is more important to her than the party, the country is very much a secondary consideration.

    Her refusal to accept any responsibility for this mess is staggering, it's always parliaments fault for not backing her deal not her fault for ignoring parliament and not reaching a compromised deal that would win cross party support.

    The flipside is her approach has made remaining far more likely than if she'd been working across parliament from the start but worryingly it has also made no deal more likely.

  • She has consistently avoided making decisions that will tear the Tory party apart

    That's why she is still in power right?
    Because, who wants Boris etc in?

  • ^ this is what happens when the UK is seen through the lens of just a part of England. The partition of Ireland is probably not taught in UK history and a good part of the mess was the doing of the UK parliament.

    Ironically it is mentioned, though a little bit airbrushed as the role of UK parliament in the mess is not discussed, in the "life in the uk" book us furrin's have to read!

    It takes maturity to apologize though, so fair play to him for writing it.

  • are we calling it then? Hard Brexit?

  • “In the absence of a deal, seeking such a short, one-off extension would be downright reckless and completely at odds with the position this House adopted only last night.” ~ David Lidington, Deputy PM, six days ago.

    Here we are now with this being government policy.

  • No-one knows. Anyone who claims otherwise is lying.

  • Well. It's the default.

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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