EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • Did they vote to leave on Gibraltar? Please say yes...

  • Unsurprisingly it had by far the highest Remain vote of anywhere at more than 95%. My borough, Lambeth being 2nd at around 80%.

  • Absolutely not. 95.9% to remain.

  • Oh man if they demand Gibraltar the uk will explode, I think it’ll force a no deal.

  • Is this The Independent Group manifesto?

  • Spain should take Gibraltar back just to teach these morons a fucking lesson in real life politics...

  • Been a while since we’ve had a good old fashioned war.

  • Aren't we still in one?

  • Perhaps it's time to set up an "extreme world; NI border tours for gormless tourists" company, might just make me a mint ;)

  • A proper war, not one of these phoney wars on terrorism.

  • Latest nick name for Brexit gammons whingeing all over sm.

    Le Moaner Leavers


    even funnier if you know the names of the yoga poses :)

  • Can't we just relocate everyone in Gib to the Malvinas Falklands? So much more land for them to enjoy!

  • Not sure the landowners would be keen on sharing it.

  • Swapping Barbary apes for penguins is a win in anyone’s book.

  • Am I the only one who wants to see some questions put to that pudgy faced prick Cameron?

    Preferably whilst he is sitting in that chair from Casino Royale..

  • Hard No Deal still the legally set default we're faced with - unless consensus not only magically appears but makes a sane choice - and the result I would, sadly, put money on.

  • It may be the default, but no deal is not going to happen. Almost no one wants it, in either the UK or EU. Faced with No Deal, or the Deal, the deal would win easily.

    That's never been the choice though. At some last minute point before no deal happens, that would be the choice, and the deal would win, and the EU would make sure it went through smoothly.

  • So I imagine it would be possible to rejoin the EU.

    Ah yeah sure! I think this would always remain an option in principle, but the UK would have to go through the normal process of 'applying for membership', rather than just being able to cancel something (such as the A50 notice that could just be cancelled currently). And as you say, it seems likely there would be way fewer special provisions for the UK after rejoining....

  • Did you have the pleasure of living there too?

    In its defence, as a 6 year old, there were worse places.

  • Are you a war baby?

  • Economist cover this week.

  • can someone explain why the likes of the ERG etc hate the EU so much? i just don't get it.

    It depends on the person, but ime it fundamentally runs counter to their nationalist libertarian world view. If you believe Britain is a superior country and dislike centralised power then the EU represents an existential crisis.

    Other points;

    • A nationalist world view - believing in Britain as a superior country. (I have never met any brexiter who doesn't have this view)
    • Libertarian tendencies - rejecting centralised authority...and it doesn't get much more centralised that Europe.
    • Never reconciling themselves with moving away from Churchill's three spheres policy - which essentially prioritizes the importance of Europe, over the common wealth (and probably symbolised the final death knell of the Empire)
    • Rejection of ever closer union - joining the common market was about trade, not political union.
    • Distrust of the EU based on "moving the goalposts" - free trade has given way to a centralised government, currency, and will ultimately lead to a centralised monetary policy and military force.
    • Distrust of France and Germany for historical reasons.
    • Prejudice against Southern and Eastern European nations.
    • Insecurity around ceding power to Europe - which ultimately acknowledges that Europe has become more important than Britain.
    • Frustration over the epic corruption and wastage in Europe.
    • Common Agricultural Policy and fishing

    I quite liked these articles. "British Exceptionalism" is quite a neat phrase.­bate-is-a-battle-over-churchillian-ideal­s/­ationship-with-the-european-union-a-tale­-of-british-exceptionalism/

  • Spain should take Gibraltar back just to teach these morons a fucking lesson in real life politics...

    I know it's easy to make glib comments, but you're talking about taking away a nation's right to decide their future and how their country is run. Gibraltar has been under British control longer than it was ever under Spain's.

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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