EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • Where do you stand then?

  • In.

  • In with reservations

  • waiting for boris to make his decision

    i <3 boris

  • Much to my horror, my wife said out. She wouldn't give a reason. which only made me more confused

  • In.
    Do you remember Britain in the 80s?
    Country was jokes before Maastricht.

  • In with reservations.
    The thought of not being in the EU is frankly shocking, and yes I remember the UK before Maastricht.

  • In.

    Without Europe we're fucked.

  • Need a list or voting buttons for a forum poll

  • In.
    Actual human rights and the ability to travel/work anywhere in the EU.

    (and most importantly no custom fees buying bike parts from germany)

  • IN!

    I've never understood, euroscepticism, and view myself as a londoner first, european second and english third..

  • Article in the Economist this week.
    In/out opinion directly related to educational attainment..

  • I like that Economist article because it recognises the point that uneducated people tend to be more anti-EU/pro-exit because they are more exposed to the downsides of migrant labour, rather than because they are too thick to understand the issues*. I think if the "in" campaigners are to win they need to come up with some solutions to the immigration issues so many people are worried about.

    At the end of the day it's easy for me to feel pro-European. My wife is Italian and my UK-specific technical profession shelters me from competition from short-term migrants. I've had nothing but positive experiences out of Europe. If I had an unskilled job and suddenly found myself competing for it with half a million eastern Europeans maybe I wouldn't feel so cosy about the EU.

    *Obviously, some of them will be thick.

  • I feel the sudden rush to out is another step towards neo conservatism.

  • Out probably. my gut says in, but beyond threats of the world will end no one has suggested anything convincing why we should stay.

    • as above I am uneducated so thickies out
  • Very interesting.

    The other forum I spend significant time on is generally conservative and affluent (and a significantly older demographic than on here). Not that I have anything concrete to base it on, my gut feeling is that the education levels are similar.

    Over there it is very heavily 'out'.

  • How can anyone take Boris seriously when the only thing that interests him is naked self interest?

    Saw Cameron on the Andrew Marr show and he made some subtle and strong arguments. He's the ultimate pragmatist.

  • For what it's worth my reasons for voting in, are broadly in two categories:

    • Economy. Although it has become much more, the EU is still primarily a trading block. If we leave we will have to negotiate a trading deal with the EU. Despite the bluster of the out campaign I'm not convinced that the EU countries we just spurned would be queuing up to offer favourable terms. UK industry (and therefore the economy as a whole) would lose money if forced to compete internationally whilst hobbled by import/export duties. We'd also lose EU deals with other countries like the US.

    • Ideology. I think of myself as a European and I feel that a united Europe is stronger for everyone. I'm mindful that the two biggest wars the world has ever seen were started (and horribly mis-managed) in Europe and pulling up the drawbridge seems like a backwards step. I like the idea of overarching protections like the European Court of Human Rights. The fact that Michael Gove feels constrained by EU rules is a massive plus in my book!

  • In.

    We're a big fish in a bloc that is powerful economically and politically and that other powerful countries take seriously.

    Outside, we're a small fish. Not as small as some, but the US for one reckons we'd be too small to bother with (and has ruled out setting up an FTA with us if we leave).

    I would like the EU to be more democratically accountable, though, and I think the Commission is becoming more powerful than people realise.

  • amazing that the mayor of london a "global" capital wants out , whats will happen to all the french, german , polish , italian, spanish, greek , the first wave of EU migrants who made london a home to get away from their own problematic employment issues ?

  • I didn't think the Leavers had much of a chance but Boris coming out gave them a lot more potential

  • arent we already owned by USA corporations anyway ?

  • In.

    It's not perfect but it's better than the alternative.

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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