• Thank you, good to hear as that’s what I’m edging towards

  • I'm not sure Brad was after buying 27x1 1/4 rims but who knows?

  • not sure Brad was after buying 27x1 1/4 rims

    The comment applied equally to 700×32C for the few people who indulged in French practices back then.

  • I like OKO magic milk

  • Never had a problem with Orange Seal in the last two years, used both Regular and Endurance

  • Sealants appear to be like chain lube, we all either think whatever we use is best until it fails us or are constantly searching for the holy grail. Most seem to work most of the time but sometimes don’t.

  • C'est vrai. But my choice is Orange Seal. (Used Peatys, Stans Race and Normal) Anything works fine at MTB pressures. The more the pressure the lessy the worky. #science

  • We install a lot of hookless tires. It's a minefield of max pressures and compatibility. Even if I never had one jumping out on me customers had, always going over max pressure.
    It's not a problem AFAIK on lower pressure setups but if you're a big guy and need big tires rock hard I'll give it a second look, not worth it for a few grams less, just another cost cutting measure disguised as evolution.

  • In my experience regular orange seal more likely to seal bigger holes at higher road pressure psi than the endurance. No experience of other brands

  • Given mention of hookless rims above, do ‘regular’ tubeless tyres work or do they need to be UST?

  • There's a list of approved tires for each wheel brand, then there's the tire brands who say they are hookless compatible.

  • +1 for Orange seal here. Comfortably the best I’ve used.

  • Exactly, it’s a non conclusive minefield!!!

    Initial conclusion is that the juice is not worth the squeeze.

  • Anyone had a flat spot develop on a tyre? Or is it the wheel maybe?

    Can't recall skidding or breaking hard so thinking maybe faulty. Nothing visible on the rim or tyre

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  • I had the bead slowly separating like these more than once. I don't know if it's actually a fault or maybe knocking it into potholes and the like.

  • Yeah, may ask if it's faulty but more likely JRA

  • Is the tyre seated properly? Have had tyres look like this when they haven’t quite gone up onto the shelf correctly

  • It was a new bike/ wheel/ tyre and hasn’t been a problem for 1500 miles, and I’m not aware that I’ve hit anything substantial so I’m putting it down to a fragile carcass. It’s started to square off anyhow but I would expect 2000+ miles on it.

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Tubeless Tyres -"saying the same things about tubeless tyres over and over again" Hippy read the first f**king post

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