• Again, dont wanna teach you to suck eggs, but are they 100% the tubeless versions?

  • See the bit with tle on the end

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  • Send them back. Not worth the risk

  • TLE = Tubeless Literally Explodes
    TLE = Tubeless Lies Extensively
    TLE = Tubeless Leak Everywhere
    TLE = Tube Life Extended
    TLE = Tacky Latex Everywhere
    TLE = Trendsetters Love Explosions

  • I would say mostly true.

  • I've got a Maxxis tyre that's leaking along a small section of the bead. I've inspected the tyre pretty thoroughly and can't find any holes or rips, there's just a slight bobble in the bead where the leak is occurring so I suppose this is the cause. Is there anything I can do to get it to seal properly?

  • Is the rim still straight?

  • It looks straight, but does seem to be exhibiting the same kind of symptoms that a dinged rim would present.

    I've left in horizontal for 24 hours and it seems to have sealed up now, we'll see if it stays that way when riding.

  • If it does leak again…
    Mark where the leak is, unseat the tyre and move it round a couple of inches. If the leak moves it’s the tyre if it stays the same it’s the rim. Moving it may just fix it.

  • But logos and valve holes will be misaligned.

    Straight to anti

  • Yeh. Horrid thought.

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Tubeless Tyres -"saying the same things about tubeless tyres over and over again" Hippy read the first f**king post

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