• You will always have a gap when the rims starts to curve, this is not where the air seal is made. IF you have a leak, then the valve needs to be tighter pressed into the rim, so that the sealant creates a seal that doesn't move.

  • Ok, thanks, I'll investigate further

  • Get a pair of pliers and tighten it as much as you can. Once you have a seal, you can back it off. But remember to do this before you realise on a cold December day where you've barely any feeling left in your fingers and you don't have any pliers with you.

    Ask me how I know this.

  • One of the best products Giant make are these little washers . I hate the feeling of tightening those little nuts down onto the curved rim surface, I now have these washers on almost all my wheels.

  • Tubeless
    "tighten valve nut as much as you can"

    Also tubeless
    "don't overtighten the valve nut"

  • that's the thing :) as @andyp said. you tighten it to get a tight fit at the valve base and a good seal, but let it loose after that so you it doesn't get stuck overtime.
    tubeless is great

  • Anyone in N London have a compressor with a Presta fitting? Would like to put on some new 40x700 tyres fuss-free and I haven't got access to one anymore.

  • Have you not done the “cut the top off a valve cap trick” then down to the garage?

  • interesting, I reckon I can 3d print something very similar

  • I built an inflator out of a couple of old tubes, hose and a lemonade bottle. It actually fucking worked too.

  • This cursed image induced flashbacks to the abject horror of enduring ceaseless soapbar hot knives in my mate's kitchen in 1998...

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  • Looking carefully there is no front derailleur.

    I strongly suspect this is Ventoux?

    Lowkey boast post as you young people say

  • Check out my insta as the young people say for my real boast post


  • Coolest bit of DIY I've seen in a while! What pressure will it hold? What pressure fittings did you use?

  • I had one that I wrapped in gaffa tape to increase the strength a bit and it easily held 150psi. Two old valves stuck through the lid with a bit of epoxy and a 5mm i.d. hose of your choice, zip-tied on to one of the valves (with valve core removed). It helps to have a third had to kink the exit hose until you want to release the blast. That way it's someone else's head next to the tire too. ;)

  • Epoxied valves cut off from old tubes?

  • At least one of them needs to have the valve removed, so as long as they're tubes with removable valve cores, go for it.

  • My neighbour happens to have one of these

    and it worked a treat. The key bit was to get as much of the tyre bead as possible out of the rim centre channel (and especially around the valve) using a tyre lever.

  • Has anyone had issues with speed wobble due to sealant and centrifugal force (or whatever is actually happening).

    In Bosnia/Montenegro right now with my partner, Cinturato H 40 and 45mm tyre respectively, fresh sealant. I think about 60ml per tyre but maybe more.

    Front racks (jack the rack) and I have fork mounted bags but have ridden the same setup before with no issues. Checked both headsets and ridden both bikes with no load on front rack, but still getting shit front handling/speed wobble. My. Girlfriend described it as just suddenly happening and then stopping, I assume due to speed/vibration etc.

  • Nah, that's definitely the bags, not the sealant. Even if you've had the same setup before, a slight difference in weight distribution can change a lot.

  • That was my thought, but my girlfriend has a very stable Croix De Fer, just the empty rack on the front and she instantly said the handling had changed. The wheelset and tyres was new so could be a factor, but still 700c and very similar tyre width.

    Edit, it changed at certain times, not just different/worse the whole time.

  • Panaracer Gravel King slick (650B, 47mm) delaminated on the inside, filling with air and sealant between the layers and warping the tyre such that it started rubbing the frame. Quite sketchy. Apparently other people have experienced the same and it should be covered by warranty, but return postage costs nearly as much as the tyre itself.

    Back to 700c and Marathon Supremes...

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  • Might be a solid lump of jizz . On smooth tarmac i have noticed a ump ump ump. I don't know a solution apart from stripping and new latex.

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