• That's my excuse.

    explain your bar tape all the way to stem strategy

    It's what 6day riders do- better for hand slings innit.

    Actually because the hoses exit at a funny place and the graphics on the bars look funny partially exposed. I also have no need for a garmin mount.

  • that is a clean build !

  • Question about tape: been a while since I dabbled but last weekend's pinch flats has got me to take tubeless seriously again: Will 21mm tape be about right for a 19mm internal rim width? TIA

    *I don't mean I don't take it seriously just that I haven't wanted to go through the experimental jizzplosion phase alloveragain.

  • Yes, 21mm will be fine for 19mm internal.

  • Hmm. Just mounted tubeless-ready tires to some tubeless-compatible rims and it was way too easy compared to the first time I tried it, so I am [Fry meme], for now.

    (A noodle around the block seemed okay tho.)

  • so I am [Fry meme], for now.


  • Yes.

    Top: Sceptical, hopeful, checking the tires every hour. I don’t think I looked in on my newborn kids this often : /

    Bottom: Trying to find a knobbly tire smaller than 35c that can be tblss’d

  • bottom is easy : vittoria terreno mix, wtb cross boss

  • Now looking at that most srsly, damn. (thanks).

  • schwalbe x-one also, cyclocross tyres are usually pretty nice. tubeless terrenos mix are a highlight as they are outstandingly fast on tarmac too. the dry 31mm ones are basically almost a winter road tyre.

  • I wanted to like the cross boss' but I found them too tall and therefore squirmy at lower pressures. Terreno mix ftw.

  • they are not as good as an all rounder that is for sure.
    the thing i found them doing well was puncture resistance, slicing through mud, and wearing out far slower than terrenos, which are pretty precious

  • Mixing sealant:

    I’ve got a wheelset with either Orange Seal, or Caffelatex sealant inside them. Not entirely certain which, and they now need a top-up.

    Will I be dieded if I pick the wrong one and just slosh it in there without taking the tyres off and scooping out the bogeys?

  • If it's completely dried up in there, slosh away. If it's still runny, don't mix it unless you're very sure it's the same brand. Sounds like you're not so just pour it out and start again

  • Never had a problem with mixing sealants, pour away

  • Some use natural latex like stans and doc blue and others, like orange seal use synthetic, the two types aren't meant to mix well.

  • Thanks all. It appears to be dry inside the tyres, I’ll take a pick and spurt some in.

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Tubeless Tyres -"saying the same things about tubeless tyres over and over again" Hippy read the first f**king post

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