• So many new experiences for you

  • I think I need to 'see someone' about my compulsion to make sure everyone is on completely new tyres for every ride.

  • This valve doesn't have a removable core.

    Can I still squeeze sealant in through it then inflate so the rim pops into place?

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  • Are you absolutely sure it doesn't have a removable core? It's got flats in the valve core which can only be for the purpose of removing it.

    P.S You can try adding sealant through the valve. Tends to bung it up though in my experience.

  • yeah, it does have a removeable core. my eyesight is just failing

  • my eyesight is just failing

    You are not alone. Now, where did I leave my reading glasses...

  • Gave up trying to get these to seat using just the track pump so dragged the newly made coke bottle inflator into the mess and it only bloody worked! Only needed 2-3bar and that was enough to seat both tyres. Reinjected the sealant and Bob's your uncle.

  • anti is that way >>>>>

  • Function > Form

    You know I basically aim for anti so you're really just giving me approval.

  • Anyone had a tyre blow off while riding? I did yesterday and it was scary.

    I had put on Hutchinson Overide in 35mm 2 weeks ago and have ridden them maybe 5 times covering ~100km. I'd pumped them up to about 60psi before the ride. We'd done about 35km of planned 40, when BANG! front tyre totally unseats both sides. Barely controlled stop with much swearing and had to have a minute's quiet sit. Totally bukkaked my legs with sealant. I was carrying a spare tube so put that in and came home. (And got stung in my forehead by a fucking bee the wee arsehole)

    What did I do wrong? (Don't say running tubeless cos I'm thinking that already) The tyre says tubeless ready and pressure 3.0 - 6.0 bar (60 psi is 4.1 bar)

  • Holy shit. Never happened to me, although the image does go through my brain every time I'm descending.
    How is the fit of the tyre on the rim? What is the rim? Any damage visible on the tyre? Did the beads end up inside or outside of the rim?

  • That sounds terrifying. 60PSI does sound a bit high but tyres absolutely shouldn’t unseat from a tubeless approved rim within the pressure tolerances.

    I used this to get a rough idea of where my tyre pressure should be and it’s around 40-45PSI on 35’s although that changes with factors like weight, rim width & usage case

  • 35mm
    What did I do wrong?

    You've answered your own question. Fuck road tubeless.

    But seriously, what rim? what tape? When it was installed did it properly seat? Have you inspected rim and tyre for damage?

  • Is it a tubeless specific rim as well as tyre?

  • Yeah all tubeless compatible. Rims came on the Arkose (WTB ST i19 TCS 700c 32 hole, pinned, tubeless ready according to google). Tape is whatever evans used but it has worked ok for 18months.

    Install was by me: it was pretty easy. Just put a tube in and inflated to get the beads to seat. Then took one side off, pulled tube out, valve stem in (no core) pump fast so popped back on, then fill w sealant, core in and pump.

    No obvious signs of damage. I reinstalled the tyre tubeless just now with no problems

  • I (fortunately) haven't had it happen while riding, but had tyre repeatedly blow off the rim a few minutes after pumping them up (not particularly high). In the end I redid rim tape and has been fine ever since. I think if the tape is slightly off it can allow a very small leak that's enough to do it.
    I did an extended weekend tour immediately afterwards and was very cautious descending initially, but have had no problems at all.

  • New rim tape or just remove and refit what was there?

  • New tape, don't think it sticks well enough again if you try to put it back on. Not the tape I've used anyway.

  • Yeah that would be my guess having just googled installing rim tape. FFS I might just go back to tubes

  • Totally bukkaked my legs with sealant

    My incident - albeit stationary - was bead related...

    RIP F&B.

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  • We had F&B paint in one room of our old flat. It chipped and scratched if you looked at it. Needless to say we shan’t repeat that

  • When you have even more PSI than $$

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  • Stans standard vs Race are they compatible?
    Don’t seem to be able to get the small bottle for saddle pack in the Race??

    Edit: website says they are compatible

  • Friends don't let friends buy Gravel Kings

  • I want to get some X-Sauce in the UK but it's going to have to come from Spain isn't it?

    I guess without knowing compatibility I should remove it and replace with something else or leave it be until it evaporates and then replace.

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