• So many new experiences for you

  • I think I need to 'see someone' about my compulsion to make sure everyone is on completely new tyres for every ride.

  • This valve doesn't have a removable core.

    Can I still squeeze sealant in through it then inflate so the rim pops into place?

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  • Are you absolutely sure it doesn't have a removable core? It's got flats in the valve core which can only be for the purpose of removing it.

    P.S You can try adding sealant through the valve. Tends to bung it up though in my experience.

  • yeah, it does have a removeable core. my eyesight is just failing

  • my eyesight is just failing

    You are not alone. Now, where did I leave my reading glasses...

  • Gave up trying to get these to seat using just the track pump so dragged the newly made coke bottle inflator into the mess and it only bloody worked! Only needed 2-3bar and that was enough to seat both tyres. Reinjected the sealant and Bob's your uncle.

  • anti is that way >>>>>

  • Function > Form

    You know I basically aim for anti so you're really just giving me approval.

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Tubeless Tyres -"saying the same things about tubeless tyres over and over again" Hippy read the first f**king post

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