• Wipe some soapy water around the wheel, see where bubbles are created. That'll narrow down where to work on

  • It's always the bloody valves. Inflate to the max pressure, then tighten by hand. If it's still leaking maybe a small ride will do it, otherwise start again and be very careful doing the valve holes to avoid slits.

  • Excellent, cheers.

  • Will do. Good idea.

  • It’s addressed in the first fucking post! :-)

  • Find where the air is leaking first. In my experience it's usually a tape issue even if you think it's a valve issue. @_@

  • I thought you used dynaplugs to be honest. I've got the cheap anchovies and dynaplugs but I've not used dynaplugs yet so no idea if they're better, though most people say they are which is why I bought one.

  • I always thought people who claimed they seated they're tyres with a hand pump were shills from Big Tubeless. Well, Tesa tape with a good tug and two wraps + travail tyres and it's infact not a lie.

  • Of course it's a fact. I think road tubeless is a dumb idea but I was willing to give it a go to sort the tyre seating issue on Light Bicycle U65 rim. It was a Pro One with no sealant and a normal track pump after TCR6. #hippyisalwaysright

  • Trying to convert to tubeless. Should I remove the original rim tape or just clean and go over it with the tubeless tape?

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  • Tape looks really narrow to me

  • Aye, the tyre was tubed before. I have wider tubeless tape, but wondering whether to put on over the top or just remove and start fresh. #alsonotanexpert

  • Best to take the existing rim tape off, I'd say.

  • I would always start with a well cleaned rim.

    (ooh nurse!)

  • Cheers. This is harder than I thought. Not sure there’s supposed to be so many bubbles.

  • yes remove it (I think you have already done so by now).

    Yes there will be bubbles, pull the tape taut as you lay it down to reduce the bubbles.

    go over it afterwards with the rounded edge of a tyre lever to push out most of the bubbles. it doesn't matter if some remain.

    make sure you don't push the tyre lever through the tape especially easy where there is an edge underneath i.e. Every. Single. Spokehole.

  • It's annoying innit? Next time I'm going to get the shop to do it.

    Anyway, little hint if you don't know, after you've put the tape on it can be good to put a tube (a WHAT?) in there with a tyre, inflate the shebang and leave it for 12 hours. inflated tube should push down on the tape, hopefully make sure its seated well.

  • Cheers folks. I did my best with the bubbles and the second rim was taped better. Remarkably, both tyres seated perfectly first go with a floor pump. WTB tape on a WTB rim with WTB tyres maybe helped matters.

    Did a little 5 mile shakedown ride on some local tracks and they feel good. No longer a tubeless virgin.

  • Well, hello there

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  • Lance has been looking for that.

  • put it under your pillow and the tubeless fairy will spill some fresh sealant when you sleep

  • A 'Stanimal', found lurking at the bottom of a bottle of sealant I just opened

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