• Well the one in the photo had 4 foot long flames coming out of the exhaust which I suspect even a UCI commissaire might be able to spot.

  • GravelKings avoided. I bought a pair of Maxxis Velocita ARs.

  • I've had some Michelin Power Road Tubeless tyres for about 4 months now, absolutely love them, great ride feel and surprisingly quick. However, in the last month they've started to lose pressure regularly. It looks like air is now seeping out of the sidewalls (see pic) almost as if the sidewall material has fatigued. There's still loads of tread life left in the tyre. I've topped them up with fresh sealant but they still leak. Any ideas?

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  • I used to get the same with Maxxis Mud Wrestlers and Orange Seal.. Could not explain it

  • Yeah it's weird as they didn't used to leak at all, there's no obvious damage either. It's rather frustrating as aside from that they've been brilliant. They hold pressure long enough to last a commute to and from work but topping them up each morning is annoying.

  • I think it's common with tubeless tyres that are run at a low pressure. After a while the sidewalls do seem to fatigue which can be seen when the carcass threads become a more obvious diagonal pattern.

  • Mine lost 10psi from one weekend to the other which was far more acceptable, would not want to deal with it on a daily basis

  • I’ve had this with some G-ones that I’d been riding at 25psi and flexed the sidewalls loads. Back on road use and higher pressures they did exactly this but eventually stopped, after it all got scabbed up i guess

  • Hmm strange, I've been riding them about 65psi for the last 4 months. I'll put more sealant in and keep topping the pressure up to the maximum throughout the day to see if it bungs all the sidewall leaks.

  • I'd chug Stan's race in and keep on riding

  • maxxis velocita

    Only one (6hr) ride in but yeah ... fantastic.

    Terrifying on the wet mix of clay and flint/rocks on one section today, but ace on the shitty little gnarmac roads.

    I ended up with one 120tpi Exo and one Silkshield tyre. Not sure if it’s typical but the Silkshield tyre went up a dream and the Exo was a total pig. It went up eventually with just a track pump, some poking and squeezing and luck. But I need a new kitchen now.

  • Less grip is moar fun.

  • Yeah it was less me ‘choosing a line’ and more the line choosing me.

  • This is a friendly reminder to regularly check your sealant levels and make sure you've still got some liquid left.

    Got caught out yesterday with a sidewall cut and sawdust remnant of sealant. Putting a 25mm Schwalbe lightweight tube from my saddlebag in a 36mm WTB exposure was pretty precarious.

  • Mavic Yksion Pro UST 28s went on to Hope 20five rims (2 layers tesa tape) by hand and pumped up easily with a narrow gauge track pump. Consider me impressed.

  • I'm £186.94 in for all the stuff to go tubeless :p
    I went for g one speed tyres - needed two people to get the tyre on the rim TIGHT :s
    Did the front wheel only today - so far so good =]

  • Avoid GK slicks.

    Yep, my experience hasn't been great. Running them tubed and had a few punctures from pretty small objects. Whether they would seal with sealant inside not sure. Seem to be getting cut up quite easily too. Lots of tiny road debris embedded.

    Had much better experience with GK SKs, though (again with tubes).

  • They seal with sealant, but sometimes not. Usually when you're rushing to work with just enough time.

  • Not perfectly aligned, but close enough for me.

    Pleased to report that 32mm GP5000 fit onto Hunt 4 Seasons Gravel wheels with little effort and no skin loss!

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  • Can someone remind me what is the wheelbuilder go to tape of choice, the cheap stuff you can get in big rolls? Was it Tesa something?

  • Tesa 4289

    It's in the first post, for future reference

  • It's in the first post, for future reference

    hahaha, someone should put that (back) in the title :D


  • The powdercoating masking tape is in my experience better than the Tesa stuff. And it's available in a range of exciting colours. Which you'll never see when it's installed.

  • Link please?

    I find the Tesa a bit stiff if not heated before being installed

  • Done by popular demand

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Tubeless Tyres -"saying the same things about tubeless tyres over and over again" read the first f**king post

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