• Yeah, but you get a puncture every other ride, the sealant will never go dry on you anyway.. ;)

  • Merlin appear to have some heavily discounted, though that raises some questions about where they’re getting them from or (for the most cynical) whether they’re the real deal

  • ...and 5 times better. Tubeless Panaracer anything is shit.

  • Indeed. Tyre RRPs have gone crazy. Thanks for the heads-up.

  • I believe they are slightly gnarlier version of the refuse

  • That was a tad aggressive. I'll rephrase. I've statistically had a higher failure rate (In every way) with Panaracer at work than other brand.

    Doesn't seat
    Comes off bead
    Cuts easily

    Better off with Schwalbe, Maxxis, Vittoria (to a degree) or the new Conti's. Halo have released a new tyre, but not tried them personally.

  • Comes off bead

    The tyre bead? as in sidewall splitting? I’d expect that to be a warranty claim (unless they’re over inflated).

  • It’s lighter than a Refuse, so less gnar more whooshe I think.

  • Doesn't seat
    Comes off bead
    Cuts easily

    Can second all of this using Gravelking ACs. Sidewalls cut easily, comes off the bead as soon as you get a puncture. Generally more painful to seat than Maxxis or Vittoria in my experience as well

  • I read it as unseats/bead pops back into central channel

  • why are we still talking about [gravel kings] in 2021?

  • Shit. I just bought some. Am I too late to the party to get away with it?

  • After reading this thread, you still bought gravel kings?

  • Nah they'll just jump down the bead after a puncture in the worst possible moment.
    TBF once you start working around the limitations GKs feel like a big race tire. I'd still get another pair if I wasn't commuting every day, very fast, grippy, light and supple just carry a big pump, tire worms and keep the sealant topped up.

  • Rims have no bead. The bead jumps down the bead seat - I follow now.

  • GK’s £25
    Everything else £50+

  • Ok so after converting my Sonder Transmitter I am thinking of doing my commute/SSCX/ tracklocross Day One canti brakes ride.

    The Salsa website states very clearly the Delgado cross rim is only designed for tubes- anyone confirm or poo-poo this and what's the worst that will happen? No sealing and Stans all over the shop?!?

  • Well worst case is tyre bead jumps off the rim so if you're doing SSCX or tracklocross at least you won't be going fast.

  • If you're going 90% road just get a tough road / commuter tyre. If you are willing to go down to 35mm you'll have a galaxy of options.

    I can't comment on tubeless tyres though, I was burned too badly.

  • . Wrong thread fail.

  • Cheers, not recommended for the commuting duties then.

  • Or did I do it on purpose because I'm in the pocket of Big Innertube? We'll never know.

  • That was my wrong thread fail, hence the ninja edit. The photograph of a 1.5 litre V16 GP engine didn't really seem appropriate or relevant in this thread.

  • Isn't that what Cancellara had in his BB shell?

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Tubeless Tyres -"saying the same things about tubeless tyres over and over again" Hippy read the first f**king post

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