• In the early days some valves didnt sit in the rim properly.

    Avoid those.

  • Muc off valves come with 3 or 4 different shaped rubber thingies so you can season to your taste

  • "Tubeless is simple"

  • Only when someone else does it for you.

  • In the new series of these tyres are f****** ridiculously tight to fit, and not liking to pay over £25 for a tyre please add Vittoria Rubino Pro’s to the list

    *both sealed with a track pump

  • Anyone know the real world width of a gravel king TLC 700*32 ? I'm using a rim with 20mm internal width. Hoping for them to come up true to size or even a bit smaller. Anything over 32mm will be too big.

    Any other suggestions for something like a tubeless compatible version of an open pave?

  • The slick one?

    I have a 700 x 32 GK Slick mounted tubeless-ly on a rim that’s in the 19 or 20mm range (I think) in the garage. Could measure it tomorrow.

  • If slick is the same as file tread, then yes - and thank you, that would be super useful.

  • Schwalbe G-One speed in 30c

  • Also, WTB exposure in 30c

  • G One Speed is a good idea. WTB exposure would be perfect but they seem to be discontinued!

  • Anyone know the real world width of a gravel king TLC 700*32 ?


  • I think it will come up true to size, but hopefully still narrow enough to be stuffed into your bin

  • I'll keep an eye out for the bin-compatable model.

  • Ok, I can’t get an internal measurement on the rim without taking the tire off which I don’t want to do but the rim measures about 23.5mm external and uses this rim strip.

    I remember I also taped the rim with my tessa tape which is the right size for kinlin xr22 rims so it must be around 19/20mm internal.

    Tyre measured up at pretty much bang on 32mm at 60psi.

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  • Superb. Really useful, thank you!

  • After 3 years of road tubeless with not too much faff setting them up, I came across my match last night. A sad mix of sealant, soapy water and tears puddled across my living room floor. My arms ached from pumping up the airshot a dozen times.

    I finally finished building up a set of farsport "tubeless" carbon rims I had gotten in a group buy in 2018 and was pairing them up with 30mm Schwalbe Pro Ones. 6 wraps of tubeless tape later and the tyre finally was jumping up onto the bead with the airshot, however on depressurising to add core the tyre would repeatedly fall off the bead back into the rim well.

    Simply a bad combination of tyre and rim or poorly profiled rim, I'm not sure. Either way, I'll just avoid the faff and run tubes. The thought of dealing with this on the side of the road if the bead unseats isn't appealing.

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Tubeless Tyres -"saying the same things about tubeless tyres over and over again"

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