• On the other hand, GP5000s for me went on with only a small thumb struggle. Inflated easy and retain pressure really well.

  • Is this you?

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  • Haha, well I do climb so my fingers are reasonably strong, but no. Baggy rims I guess.

  • Ha. Anyway, on.

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  • Always worth a watch

  • I've put the GP5000 32mm on a set of the Hunt 700c dynamo wheels (kinlin rims).

    Went on easily enough, definitely easier than average for tubeless tyres I've had. Infinitely easier than getting the Challenge Paris Roubaix tubed tyres onto rims.

  • I needed an extra pair of hands for GP5000 on Mavics. Don't even use levers normally.

  • There's us using washing liquid bubbles and the petrol heads are all blowing things up with fire...

  • Aldi have compressors coming soon
    Ferrex 2.5HP Air Compressor for just £79.99. Check it out: https://www.aldi.co.uk/p/705785387017900­

  • I've just bought some Schwalbe G-One Performances from CNC. Their description says tubeless ready, but there's nothing on the tyre except 'RG'. They came without a box, so no clues there. I've never seen tubeless Schwalbe tyres without 'TLE' or similar written on them, but the shop insists that they are tubeless ready. Has anyone else seen tubeless Schwalbe tyres without anything written on the tyre itself?

  • The new Vittoria gravel tyres are excellent to set up as tubeless.

    Ditto to Teravail.

    I have found the older tubeless tyres are awful to set up, like WTB Horizon, Gravel King etc.

  • RG is race guard, slightly cheaper not tubeless ones (although they setup tubeless fine)

    The tubeless ones say TLE on them.

    The RG come OEM on a lot of bikes (thus the lack of boxes)

  • My exact thoughts. But they insist that they are tubeless. I'll throw them on and see what happens.

  • Having spent a lot of time on Schwalbe's website recently, Race Guard is separate from whether TLE or not. It's one of the options for the puncture-resistant band under the tread, I think.

  • But it should still say TLE, right?

  • Well both my retail and OEM G-Ones do. But whether that's always been the case, I don't know... Guess it may be possible to tell from exact shape of the bead whether they are TLE, maybe?

  • I've written Schwalbe and given them whatever info/serial was stamped on tyre. Let's see what they say.

  • From Schwalbe:
    "[...]this tire has to be driven with tube!
    In your case the SCHWALBE tire G-ONE ALLROUND RG tire must not be used tubeless!"

    From CNC-bike:
    "You can count on that these tires are tubeless ready for sure."

  • I've got some G-One RG which I was also told were tubeless. When I inflated them, they sat in the bead seat for 5 minutes and then popped off into the centre well. Pretty scary, would not ride

  • Guess they're getting a bit thin. #extractallthelife

  • Anyone got one of those tyre mounting tools near Leyton?
    Thumbs are shot, tyre still isn't up

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Tubeless Tyres -"saying the same things about tubeless tyres over and over again" Fucking read the fucking first fucking post.

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