• Yep, I checked the moulding line and it's even all round. Will go for a ride later and see what happens!

  • if it's not seated it'll feel wobbly (like you're riding over slight moguls). not nice

  • I've been getting this on narrower (19mm ID) rims and 38/35mm G-Ones lately. Fully deflated the tyre generally jumps off a little bit but always goes back up again without issue. Kind of annoying though as I suspect this is the reason for losing 20ish psi overnight. Have tried both more and less tape, no luck.

  • Tried the garden sprayer method before shelling out £50 for a compressor. It has done the trick perfectly on a tyre that would go nowhere near the outside of the rim with a track pump alone and all for a fiver.

    Also given gorilla tape a whirl rather than paying a score for Stans tape.

    Will take it out for a ride this afternoon to see if it all was too good to be true!

  • Where did you manage to get a compressor for £50?

  • I didnt, meant one of those airshot things

  • Tyres to avoid:
    Schwalbe pro 1 TLE.

  • ^ime cut up a bunch and are a bastard to seat - only ride 'OK' too. not sure I'd buy again

  • I need to find another pair of c 30c that are just better... f’ing annoying.

  • Go to Malcom at @thecycleclinic. The IRC formula pro tyres are excellent and don’t cut up but still grip and provide a comfortable ride.
    I’ve got these and another pair that I can’t remember the model of. Both excellent

  • I did not like pro-one at all either, I found the grip really poor at any given pressure

  • No 30 mill left so must be good!

  • GP5000s on enve rims can get to fuck, took two of us to get the cunts on, and we're both usually dickheads that show off with getting 95% of tyres off without levers.

  • My hands still hurt.

  • 2020 and people still complaining about gp5000s

  • Like, I've put on plenty before and they've been tight but fine, today was annoying.

    Now thanks to @JB I know why, stupid rims not being compatible with tyres.

  • Actually, looking into it,, now that I know you need to loo into it, the 25c we fitted are not specifically stated as incompatible, although I think they should be alongside the 28c we fitted that was equally as cunty.

  • I tried the garden sprayer method.. didn't work.. I have a small Lidl compressor.. It prob has a 1litre tank.. it's mains powered and fine for paddling pools and the like.. I got a broken compressor off a friend and basically used it as a 25L air store and used the small compressor to pressurise it to 110PSI.. Got my tyres to inflate first time last night..

  • I rarely struggle getting tyres to inflate. Mind you, a 150l 160psi compressor does normally make life a lot easier. It still struggled with poxy Bontrager MTB tyres on Bontrager rims though.

  • I never got it to work and always ended up going to my brothers to use his huge compressor.. 2 secs with it and they popped.. I would spend hours swearing, using co2 cartridges and home made garden sprayer contraptions..

  • There's definitely a time and a place for a Big Fuckoff Compressor. Although I do sometimes wonder what happens if I need to reseat the tyres mid-ride.

  • Carry a compressor on your back! I tend to find the first couple of times seating them with a boost-it or compressor is needed but after that CO2 or even a normal pump pops it on okay. That said, the only time I've had to reseat the tyres has been because I'm putting a tube in to get me home.

  • If they are that hard to get on then they’re not coming off in a hurry either.

  • Gp5000s are enough to make me give up tubless on road.

    Having used tubless off road a lot, tubless road is a pile of shit in comparison.

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Tubeless Tyres -"saying the same things about tubeless tyres over and over again" Fucking read the fucking first fucking post.

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