• Ouch :/
    I could break pretty well without skidding and I mainly ride like a roadie with lycra. I'm however using this bike also as my daily driver and inevitably skid happens

  • Hiphopslavebeik101 is running a fast tyre in the front and a harder, ‘skiddier’ tyre on the back. Business up front, party out back (if you will). Typical examples include;
    Vitoria Rubino Pro front / Randonneur back, Michelin Pro Race / Lithion ... you get the idea. Note mixing brands results in firey death ALWAYS.

    TL:DR it’ll be fine.

  • The new René Herse Cycles talking about tyre pressure...

    Less than you think appears to be the answer for smooth roads.


    Much less than you think appears to be the answer for rough(er) terrain


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  • Yeah, but Jan Heine. Much supple, very planing.

  • Nah, too expensive and fragile. Have some winter tire on the back that doesn't cost the earth and skid with no regrets.

  • Anyone any experience of Reynolds ar41 rims? Tyre goes on lovely with soap and water and a shot blast. When I let the air out to put in the valve core one section of tyre pops off the rim.

  • Have you put sealant in? James is gonna tell you to read the first page. Be warned.

    Seat tyre on rim. Add sealant before inflating. Inflate. Winning.

  • Read first page and have 4 sets of wheels running tubeless. Pretty sure the sealant won’t hold the tree on the rim and I need to deflated the tyre to get the core inserted as the shot blaster will not work with the core in. Tyre stays up nicely if I don’t take the blaster off. Will try extra rim tape.

  • IRC is the way to go.

    Yeah, they cost a lot, but they don't shred to shit like Pro1 or Hutchinson.

  • Try leaving the tyre inflated for a bit with the blaster on? Could reshape the tyre a bit, like fitting an inner tube first and leaving it overnight(did you try that?)

    Otherwise could get a third pair of hands and just jam the core back in before you lose too much pressure.

  • Do you NEED to use the shot blaster? Did you try with a track pump with the core in?

  • Tried first off with the track pump as this is fine for my fulcrum wheels and pro-ones’s.
    I’ll check the tyre (IRC) to see if there’s any deformation and try the tube method.

  • the shot blaster will not work with the core in

    Which one? I nearly always use my Airshot with the valve still in, only removing it when things get desperate

  • Mmm the schwalbe. When I tried it no air went in. I’ll try again.

  • I used a milkit booster this week

    It just worked, no problem. I never got the schwable one to work that at all

  • The first post had a part of the answer, an extra layer of rim tape (on top of the factory fitted) made things a whole lot more snug, plenty of soapy water and a good workout with the track pump and both front and rear popped on without an issue. They are both holding air and no more soap bubbles are appearing. Tried to deflate one to get the sealant in and it popped of the rim on one side. have re-seated and will leave today, go for a quick ride later to see if that helps to finish off the fit before trying with the sealant again.
    Thanks all for your input, would consider myself pretty confident with road tubeless but everyday is a learning day.

  • Put sealant in then ride.

  • Is there a consensus on the best sealant?

  • I think the new favourite is stans race.

  • I'm a big fan of Effetto Mariposa Caffelatex, but then I have never used anything else

  • 120k on them today. Second tyre was a real bitch. All seems ok.

  • I’m going to go tubeless on a wheel I have with a Mavic XM819 rim. It’s one of the rims that’s got no spoke holes as they attach externally so is it really as easy as tyre on, sealant in, inflate? No other rim prep to be done?

  • is it really as easy as tyre on, sealant in, inflate?

    I ran those FORE-drilled UST rims without sealant for more than a decade, so it's potentially even easier than you suggest if you have proper UST tyres.

  • Will be running a Gravelking SK on it.

    Use the bike its going on for (amongst other things) commuting so sealant probably a good idea anyway.

  • I've just bought a new pre-taped DT Swiss tubless wheelset, after setting up and leaving overnight I can see a tiny bit of sealant around the spoke nipples and one tyre has deflated. Do I need to re-tape them and start again or will the sealant take care of the problem when I start riding them?

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Tubeless Tyres -"saying the same things about tubeless tyres over and over again" Fucking read the fucking first fucking post.

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