• Yes, you're missing the black bit that's over the core, which is part of the valve stem.

  • I now see the issue

  • Tyre held air for a week with no riding, went out Sunday for a couple of hours and all was well, then this morning it was completely flat, pumped up and no obvious signs of holes and its not going down again?

    Going to add some more sealant later as seemed to lose a lot when sealing the last hole.

    These Riddlers really are a pain in the arse arent they

  • I've been tubelessing a lot of tyres recently:

    • my dialled bikes steel hardtail with 2.3" tyres - all went up ok once I borrowed a ghetto compressor
    • my mate's Hunt Mason gravel wheels. Straight up no issues
    • my eldest son's 25kg commuter bike on 26" Schwalbe city jet tyres. No problem
    • my mates 29'er hardtail, again no problem

    Then last week I borrowed my son's 25kg commuter for a trip to the LBS as I CBA to change into cycle specific clothes and frankly, it's fun to ride an e-bike every now and then.

    Got there and back all okay and he said oh, was the tyre ok cos it was flat yesterday. Really I asked.

    Yes it got a flat cos he had been doing jumps in the local park on it. A 25kg bike and he's about 105kg at the moment. Cheers buddy...

    Looks like it has a reasonable sized split in the sidewall of the city jets but it's holding with just the sealant for the moment. I will take the tyre off and apply an old fashioned rubber and glue patch inside the tyre and all will be ok.

  • If they're not the TLE versions the tyre wall will leak sealant

  • I bought a pair of GP5000TL this week, and mounted them on a set of Kinlin XR31T, with tesa tape. Genuinely was easier than fitting tubed tyres, I'll totally astounded. Even went up with a normal pump and tyre pressure is exactly the same this morning. If they're as fast as they're meant to be I'm a total covert.

    Regarding a repair kit to carry on regular rides - is it worth taking worms etc, or should I just carry a spare tube in case of large punctures and hope the sealant closes up small ones?

  • I do the latter - have had too many "won't seals" to go without a tube altogether.

    Small punctures you prob won't notice, if you're experience is like mine, and I found worms not that great for road tubeless - think they work better on knobblies and lower pressures.

  • Carry worms - less faff than getting a tube into a tubeless tyre with sealant everywhere and you don't have to mess around with unsetting the tyre bead.

    Carry a tube as well though.

  • I carry both a tube (Tubolito, with special tubolito patches too) and mini-worms and insertion tool (might double as a stabbing tool in a pinch) but I never had success with the worm stuff, even in controlled/home conditions. The worm would go in but pop out after a while due to pressure, or I trim the remaining part way too much and the tyre blows up in my face with sealant.

  • Worms? Anchovies!

  • The pain

    Yesterday i decided to mount some new tubeless tires for my upcoming 14 days of touring/graveling and general all road fun. Having fitted tubeless tires before, and knowing the pitfalls, i felt comfortable with waiting for the day before leaving. Cause thats always a brilliant idea. I got lazy

    Currently running tubed 32mm contental gp5000. Love them. They are some of the best tires i have ever ridden. Not kidding.. Reason for not running tubeless on these was simply the fact that i couldnt be bothered with the hassle, and i was in a hurry back when i installed them. But for my purpose with this vacation i wanted to go bigger and knobbier for some trails and loose gravel.. I went for a couple of tires i had run before, on the same rims too. A couple of WTB 38's. Back then i managed to fit them with a normal floor pump and some soapy water. Easy peasy

    First tire went on pretty smooth. required some soapy water. Not super easy, took some effort but it was alright. Second tire.. Well. I went on with the same approach. It wouldnt seat. I tried again a couple of times till my arms were sore of pumping with my novice floor pump. It stood clear that nothing was helping. Soapy water and grime everywhere in my kitchen, since i dont have a shed or a workspace for my bikes. It was supposed to be a fast and grime-free process this..

    Im kinda in a hurry now. Between this and work i've got a few hours to pack (which i havent even started yet because of this mess) and finalize this.. I finally cave and run down to my local bike shop. Hes a nice guy and lends me his compressor. The tire seated perfectly and i was good to go give it a hit of sealent, but that had to wait. Right, off to work then.

    Later that evening i came home and the tire had lost no air. I thought "well okay, sealent can wait till tomorrow before we leave" Another stupid decision made purely out of lazyness. First thing i do this morning is to pour sealent in the tire, and the F****** tire wont seat. Its popped out of the rim again and im back at square one. But now with tire sealent all over the F' floor in my kitchen. I hurry down to my local bike mech again, and this time around hes not so happy as he was the day before. I realized that i've spilt tire sealent all over this shop floor due to me being kinda stressed out because im leaving in under an hour, and still havent packed. Im sweating now, and desperately asks for this guys compressor once again. He sighs and asks me to hand him the rear wheel. He pumps up the thing, i tell him NOT to pump it too much cause hes really going at it with full speed. What happens then? The tire blows of the rim and the rest of the sealent spills all over the place. We both look at each other, im kinda bursting out in laughter because the whole situation has gotten so much out of hand. He doesnt find it funny, and asks me politely, but with a strict tone, to leave as hes got other customers waiting outside. I offer him some help with cleaning/cash whatever for the inconvenience. He tells me no problem, which is kinda surprising giving the circumstances.

    I run home, totally defeated by a tubeless tire, and fit on my good old 32mm continentals. It took me right around 5 minutes for both wheels.

  • Regarding a repair kit to carry on regular rides - is it worth taking worms etc, or should I just carry a spare tube in case of large punctures and hope the sealant closes up small ones?

    Carry a Dynaplug micro pro repair kit, nice but pricey. Not had to use in anger yet. Would certainly carry worms.

  • hmmm, now I think about it, I've bought more expensive tyres, that if puncture are harder to fix, I need a £50 repair tool and even with that I'll need to carry an inner tube anyhow.


    they'd better be fast!

  • £5 for a Genuine Innovations repair kit..Stans Dart also worth a look. As said, Dynaplug is nice but a bit pricey..

  • man with titanium moots and sram red surprised by cost of a tool!

  • I've been caught out twice with tubeless and needed an anchovie.

    First time was with the Genuine Innivations kit in my bag. Couldn't get it in, Learn't my lesson and paid for the dynaplug. Had to use a couple months ago for the first time and worked perfectly.

    If this was 4am in the rain on an audax I know which I'd want to use again even if pricier.

  • I like the cheap lifeline kit, comes with some rubber solution which I use to coat the anchovy and a little knife. I usually trim away the excess and add a bit of rubber solution on top, and I've never had one blow out

  • If they're not the TLE versions the tyre wall will leak sealant

    Ah, ok. Cheers.

  • An emotional rollercoaster. There’s something in my eye.

  • This. Road pressures will always fart the anchovie out, flexible superglue keeps it on place.
    Bonus points for gluing my giros and homemade rim tape mid ride.

  • So I have been using (new) Schwalbe Pro One TT TLE Addix tyres in 700c x 28mm for 5x 100km rides.

    People on here (@umop3pisdn & @amey I believe) joked that there were condoms thicker than those tyres and they were right!

    I have punctured both tyres on each of the 5 rides, really glad the tubeless system has worked as I didn't have to stop.

    What I have noticed is if I pump up the tyre to 100psi, the punctures which have sealed just pop again. 80psi seems to be the limit.

    On each ride, the pressure of each tyre steadily decreased has punctures happened, down to about 30psi.

    In short, save those for race day and I am now looking for puncture proof tubeless 28mm tyres

  • I've heard good things about the Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Seasons. Never used them myself though.

  • ‘Puncture proof’ is such a faux pas. You just need tyres that aren’t race tyres. ‘TT’. It’s in the name....

    Get Pro One’s instead. Or a 30c G One Speed if you can fit that In your frame.

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Tubeless Tyres -"saying the same things about tubeless tyres over and over again" Fucking read the fucking first fucking post.

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