• Put them in water, see where's the leak

  • Or spray with soapy water and look for the pretty bubbles.

  • I've read the first post.

    Mason Hunt 4 season tubeless specific rims. Do I still need to add Rim tape or is the rim all sealed anyway?

    ( asking in advance of actually seeing the rim which a mate is bringing around shortly for me to set up as tubeless)

  • Spray with soapy water to find then place where the air loss occurs


  • The wheels come from Hunt taped (just in case that's relevant seeing as you didnt say a mate bringing it round to be built and then have a tyre fitted)

  • They seated okay for me with the tape on the wheels when I got them

  • @andyfallsoff

    cheers all, they are built up already, I'm just setting up tubeless so will have a look at them when he arrives but the main things appears to be yes, use tape, either my stock of Tesa 4289 or leave the Hunt rim tape in place.

  • Horizons arrived this morning so I read the first post before my first go at tubeless.

    Tried inflating with a track pump to no avail, added another layer of tape and the first one just popped on and seems to be staying up without sealant.

    Tldr; read the first post.

  • Yup, Hunt rims arrived taped already. All I had to do was fit the valve and tyre, whack in some sealant and inflate using my ghetto compressor and they are both up

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  • Rims

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  • Inflated

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  • Srs inflator there

  • Perhaps a silly question - how long should tyres stay inflated for without sealant?

    If they only stay up for a couple of hours without sealant, will they be alright with sealant in them or should I stick another layer of tape in?

  • Maybe, but that normally means the taping job was shit. Speaking from experience.


  • Spray with soapy fucking cunty water

    Work out where the leaks are occurring and it might help you decide if it’s a porous tyre which the sealant will deal with or poor rim tape /rim/bead fit which might benefit from additional tape.

    #frtfffp #utfb

  • cheers, does that mean serious or something else? #confused

  • Put sealant in them.

  • A good option for a boost charger. Has the advantage of having the quick realease lever.

    Seen it here recently.

    I believe it should be done with a car extinguisher too.

  • @pastry_bot @dancing james

    Looks like its just weepy sidewalls - slight bubbling round the valve but nothing too bad.

    Tyre did come unseated when they deflated (without sealant) though which was a little unexpected. Any more wise words before I chuck sealant in?

  • Chuck sealant in

    Inflate outdoors

  • Get on with it.

    Sealant plays two roles;

    1. To seal the tyre on installation so it is air tight, and;
    2. Seal small cuts and holes when riding

    You’ll very rarely get a tyre to seal without sealant, so once it’s on the rim and holding air for a bit, add the sealant to finish the job.

  • Success. Went out on a little spin after putting sealant in and they stayed up overnight.

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  • No gumwall? Disgusting

  • I’m so sorry Rene Herse.

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Tubeless Tyres -"saying the same things about tubeless tyres over and over again" Fucking read the fucking first fucking post.

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