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  • Have 25 mm and 28 mm Hutch Fusions 5s in use, seem fine to me. They come up true to size, even a little shy of nominal width. Bonus is they are super-easy to fit on Shimano rims — go on by hand. They are also not so costly as Conti and Schwalbe.

  • Does anyone have any experience with the Strada Pro HTLR?

  • Another puncture on Giant Gavia road tubeless tyres. Attempted to fix with an anchovy, but it blasted that out overnight and got sealant everywhere, including the carpet. Excellent. I’m probably just going to swap to a GP4k clincher - unless there’s anything else I can try?

  • patch the inside of the tyre?

  • What do we reckon my chances are to get this OEM wheelset converted to tubeless? I was going to try a few layers of Tesa tape and my Schwalbe mtb tyres which normally go up very easily on TCS rims.

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  • I managed it on some sort of Alex XD rim ages ago, using the Stans converter kit.

    Was arguably more reliable than my subsequent 'proper' tubeless arrangements

  • What should I do after having 4 (or 5?) punctures in a single ride? All sealed without the needing to stop, some took quite some time... It's probably the same hole but can't say, as I can't really determine where it went off upon inspection. Tempted the puncture gods by saying good things about these Fusion 5's in the other thread.

    There is one slice towards the sidewall, oozing sealant from time to time. Probably that. But after pumping the tire back to 90 I don't see any sudden bursts of jizz, at least not on the tyre.

    Will switch to at least 28's after I'm done with these btw. Undecided if I should do Hutchies or something else.

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  • What should I do after having 4 (or 5?) punctures in a single ride?

    Ride somewhere else

  • I reckon it will go up easy

  • Mine went up fairly easily last week, ghetto tubeless ie non tubeless specific wheel and tyre and a cannibalised valve from a standard inner tube.
    Just used Tesla 4289 tape from the Bay of E and some sealant although did need to borrow a compressor

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  • Ah the days of 2.5" DH tyres on 17 mm rims.

  • yes this is a legacy build, steel frame circa 2005

    But never mind that, we haven't heard from @platypus and how he got on...

  • thanks mate,
    will try it out in the next week or so and let you know!

  • I know, I have its smaller sibling and a load of 26" wheels and tyres in my loft.

  • I've a 30mm internal rim which I'm building up for my MTB at the mo. Never tubelessed before, do I need tape which goes all the way across the width of the new rim? Or will wide enough to cover the spoke holes do?

  • Did you read the thread title?

  • Obviously not well enough

  • Obviously not well enough

    "Rim tape - ideally edge to edge of the rim should be covered"

    Admittedly, the reason why this is the case isn't in the first post, so here goes; you want to tyre bead to hold the edge of the tape down, and for the edge of the tape to be in the ambient pressure zone outside the air seal, not in the high pressure zone inside the air seal.

  • Thank you, saw it when I re-read it, makes sense when you say why

  • Thread title is obviously too subtle. Maybe append ".Fucking twice"?

  • #golfclubposterstrigger

    My lawn tractor has some really old perished tyres one of which keeps completely losing pressure and becoming unseated from the rim.

    A good dose of orange seal in the two offending tyres, use of the air compressor even got the tyre reseated and a day later both are still holding pressure.

    Dicking around with bikes can have some real world applications.

  • are we supposed to pretend that you swanning around your country manor futzing around chopping wood and experimenting with tubeless sealant in tractor tyres is 'real world'?

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Tubeless Tyres -"saying the same things about tubeless tyres over and over again" Fucking read the fucking first fucking post.

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