• A slowey ? Just going soft do i add more latex or change the valve ? .

  • what brush - or other thing- for efficiently getting scabby dried latex off inside of tyre and the bead grooves? don’t/won’t get pressure washed so please don’t say that!

  • Ok thanks for the replies all,. much appreciated

  • ...retaped, still loosing a light woosh of air around valve, couldn't be fucked with a second tape. Added sealant, max pressure, good shake. Top up, max pressure, good shake a day later. Problem solved (so far).

  • I’ve noticed a redesign of the valve area on some wheels, Prime/ Reynolds. Much improved and no longer the leaky area

  • Thinking of replacing the stock Giant Gavia tyres on my wife’s bike after fairly regular punctures/ cuts. I was going to go with GP5k TL but so many people say they are a sod to get on and therefore impossible to stick a tube in if the worst happens.

    What’s a good all round TL tyre that can do road rides and London greasy road wet commuting (if commuting is ever a thing again)?

  • Should I refrain from setting this up as tubeless? It's a DT R460db rim, 10k in, got dented within a year of moving to the UK. Planning to get some kind of 32mm if the bike allows it. (WTB Expanse most likely)

  • Gp5 are fine. Only bad fit if you've shit rims.

    I ran a pair into the ground commuting and training over winter. Several thousand km and many across shithole London. Not a single puncture.

    Using wtb exposure right now and they're nice too.

  • I would just bend it out carefully. Although the general advice is not to do this I’ve done it multiple times, use a small adjustable spanner and be careful not to bend it too far.

  • Easiest way to gauge how much sealant is left in tire, and whether it needs a top up? Some sort of dipstick through the valve?

  • Seconded, my pair of GP5TL are the best tires I have ever owned and went on (and up) easily on two different rims - pair of Hunt's and stock tubeless ready rims on an allez sprint.

  • Putting in an anchovy for stubborn punctures always feels so wrong, but fixes them instantly. Magic.

  • I use a little zip tie as a dipstick

  • Is there a general consensus on how best to store tubeless tyres when not in use? Folded or not folded?

    Remounted some used lightly used (~300km) tyres from last summer that were previously trouble-free and went up fine this week with just a track pump. They stay inflated for about 48/72 hours before losing about 50% pressure.

    Tape/valves etc is from previous installation which was fine through the winter so pretty sure neither is to blame, and the only thing I can think of is storing the tyres folded has potentially damaged/weakened the sidewall or something.

  • Having some problems with my ghetto tubeless DTH tyres. I setup the rear tyre from new as tubeless and have had no issues.

    The front I set up with a tube on a spare wheel while I was finishing the wheel build..... now fitting it to the tubeless wheel it seems to be so stretched that it just won't seal. Even with 3 layers of tape air just pisses out all around.

    Thinking this tyre might need to be replaced if I want to get it set up tubeless?

  • This is potentially a silly question, but it seems to make sense in my head so - I’ve found a cheap tubular wheelset and was wondering if I could stick a load of tubeless sealant in the tubs to help them be less of a pain in the arse etc with punctures... is this stupid? What have I missed? Is there a tubs thread?
    Cheers in advance!

  • is this stupid?

    Well, sealant in tyres was a thing before tubeless, so you're certainly not the first person to consider it. I have no idea how effective it is.

  • Cheers! Yeah a friend used to carry a bottle of sealant with him on rides but it never seemed to make any difference... I was thinking that modern tubeless sealant might be a bit more effective? 🤷♂️ Guess I’ll have to try it and report back!

  • I didn't make any difference because sealant struggles at road pressures.

  • There is a reason there’s loads of cheap tub wheelsets about at the minute. Do yourself a favour and avoid that headache.

  • @Netakure @TM noted... cheers both!

  • The reason is the death of the rim brake, not the faff of tubs.

  • Yup, worked well. I even found a short video on the subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zg4ZFruC­fSg

    The rim still had original tape. After I was able to get the tire on the wheel, had no trouble seating, no leaks so far. Cheers.

    For the front tire I'm waiting on a Tesa delivery, got 25 mm wide, hoping it's not too much. The wheel was rebuilt years ago with a new rim and had narrow Shimano tape on which isn't tubeless compatible. I tried retaping with a roll of Kapton (what I had in my misc tapes box) but couldn't get it on without wrinkles, didn't work.

  • Has anyone tried Hutchinson Fusion 5? Found some in the loft that I must have bought at some point. Any good?

  • I've been using Fusion 5 Performance 11 Storm tires (25mm) on my steel bike with AForce AL33 rims (aero rims + non aero bike, yes) tubeless at about 90psi, it's been about 3500 kms or so, like them so far. I reckon they'll hold for longer too (maybe 6-7k total, hopefully)

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Tubeless Tyres -"saying the same things about tubeless tyres over and over again" Fucking read the fucking first fucking post.

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