• I’d start again. Take off the tyres, clean old sealant and remount. Soapy water around the bead and inside of the rim was enough to get my Hutchinson’s inflated with that satisfying pop on a pair of Hunt rims.
    Some don’t recommend removing a tubeless tyre once fitted so you could just clean as best you can and use soapy water.

  • 8 days on and one still rock hard the other a little loss of pressure. It was worth the extra effort.

  • wm925652594gb

  • Yeah, I'm kinda just leaving it be because if I'm swapping to gravel tyres for May's race (doesn't look like this will be happening with Spain in lockdown) there's not much point doing anything now. Good to know though.

  • First time tubeless user here. After installing tape and tire on the rim I could get the tire to seat by inflating it with a track pump. It made a few "ploing" noises and the tire holds air for like 20-30 seconds without sealant. I can hear a hissing sound from the air escaping around the valve area. Does this seem ok to you and will properly seal once the sealant is added or should I reinstall tape and valve? I just want to avoid the mess of having to reinstall after the sealant was added.

  • Have you tightened the valve with a pair of pliers, to get it really airtight?

  • From what I read, you're not supposed to use pliers and only thighten it hand-tight.

  • Sod that. Use pliers to get the valve properly tight, then back it off when the tyre has sealant and is holding air.

  • Meh, push the valve through the tyre and very hand tight, pliers can fuck shit up, if that's not working something else is wrong. Air getting under the tape somewhere else would probably fill up the rim cavity and then escape around the valve. Have you tried inflating a tube in the to make sure the tape is stuck down nice and tight?

  • You can also dab a bit of sealant around the valve's rubber plug before tightening it. No idea if it does any good though.

  • I don't know either but have done it

  • I have some rims that the valve needs lamping up really tight, and others that just need light pressure

  • Thanks all! I will try some of the tips. How long should the tire stay inflated without any sealant in?

  • I've done this. And flexible super glue too, which is probably overkill but worked so good

  • Forever, but will lose a bit of pressure every day

  • Not long. Depends on how much air is leaking, but a few mins at most normally until you get the sealant in. Even then, you might still lose pressure until you’ve taken the bike out for a short ride.

  • Not necessarily the case. I fitted some new tubeless tyres at the weekend to my Swiss summer wheels (not that I'll get the chance to use them this year, it seems) and they held pressure overnight. Lost a little, but they were still at 60psi after 12 hours and with no sealant.

  • What tyre and rim combo? I’ve never had that, can get them to seal without problems but they usually leak air consistently until the sealant goes in.

  • AForce AL33 rims with 23mm Schwalbe Pro One tyres. I've had similar results with XR31T rims and 25mm Schwalbe tyres too, albeit not quite as airtight.

  • Does depend on the tyre quite a bit, some rely on sealant to make airtight, some have a bit more rubber all around the inside.

  • If your "tubeless" tyre/rim combination doesn't hold pressure without sealant, it's not really tubeless.

  • Almost tried to convert my old campagnolo zonda's to tubeless. Then I read the first post. Fuck this quarantaine.

  • Got a better pump, great success. Well, let’s see how things look in the morning, but provisionally looking good.

    Now if only I was allowed out of my house...

  • What tape with dt Swiss d460 (the disc version of the 460)?
    Tried Stan's road, two layers, and I've probably (definitely) spannered it. I can't seem to get a seal, tyre mounted, but won't pop.

  • dt Swiss d460 (the disc version of the 460)?

    There are some who might question whether the R460 can really be called "tubeless compatible" when it lacks a bead retaining bump at the junction between the bead shelf and the centre channel.

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Tubeless Tyres -"saying the same things about tubeless tyres over and over again" Fucking read the fucking first fucking post.

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