• Agree - have 30c and have definitely got a little more cautious going down hill into corners... sure the older ones were more secure. Might also be from riding 38c G-ones more during the week that ive lost perspective though...

  • 28mm, tubeless, 70psi

    How heavy are you? 70psi is a fair amount in a 28mm.

  • 76kg. I have tried lower pressures than 70psi, but I'll give it another go and see what it's like

  • Has anyone noticed that Schwalbe Pro-Ones have poor traction on steep gradients, or am I just imagining it?

    On dry roads I've found them to be fine. On really wet roads they're OK. I have found them a handful on damp greasy roads, more so than other similar tyres like Conti GP4/5000s and Vittoria Corsas (the more modern IsoGrip ones not the old Kevlar/SiO2 death compound).

  • Any recommendation for a Tubeless tyre for the upcoming Paris-Roubaix challenge? I'll be riding it on my arkose so will have bags of clearance.

    I keep reading rave reviews of the G-One Speeds but I'm also somewhat conscious that the event may go quite some way to destroying whichever tyres I choose to do it on. Given that the G-Ones cost upwards of £80/pair I'm reluctant to go this route. Is this concern even a real one?

    I also plan to use these tyres for fatt-ish tyre'd road rides thereafter, including my commutes. I'd like a somewhat fast tyre if possible, with good wet weather grip. Given the above, would something like a GK slick be a good option (lesser cost concerns)? Pirelli cinturato velo 35? (similar cost concerns, lesser durability concerns as these are meant to be pretty damn tough)

    Or lastly do I forget the tubeless idea for this event, if fears of new tyre destruction are indeed appropriate, and just use something cheap that I don't mind destroying, such as gatorskin 32 which I already have.

    Any thoughts much appreciated!

  • You won't wreck tyres at PR if you're on 35mm. I did it on Compass JPB which are very fragile, without issue. 35mm makes it comically easy though so it's not very authentic, if you care about that. Go for something in a grippy compound though, it's going to be wet this year* and things like Compass and GK are a bit plasticky. Gatorskins would be miserable. G-Ones would be ideal, and ride very nice on normal roads too.

    *might not be true

  • Years ago I did this on first generation 28mm Schwalbe One tubeless - felt like a good compromise speed / weight / plushness and a fair representation of how a race like this feels. Tyres were fine. Bottom bracket unwound itself though.

    I wouldn't go too much bigger than that and I wouldn't worry about the event being a tyre wrecker, I don't think it is - unless something goes catastrophically wrong but it could on any ride.

  • I’ve got none tubeless (RG) g one all rounds setup fine tubeless, think you can pick up none tubeless speeds pretty cheap so maybe that?

  • 30mm g-one speeds were perfect when I did it.

  • Did it two years ago on g one 30s and punctured on the prevail section . Last year i went g one tubeless 35s much easier but the guys on 30s dropped me . I think this year will be wet so its teravail 38s cos the 32 where not available or plod along on 35s again .
    Last year was frosty by the way . The year before i got sunburnt. Bring layers . The riding standard is excellent btw.

  • I've got the Pirelli cinturato on my Arkose in 28c, 500 happy tubeless miles so far. They were much easier to fit than GP5000 and I've had no issues with grip. Would go 32c personally.

  • 30 mm G One Speeds would be ideal I'd say.
    I did it on 28mm 4 Seasons a few years back (and took a spare one with me as I was so worried about failure!) - they were ok but you would be far more comfortable on 30s and the tread of the speeds would help on slippy Arenburg.

  • Thanks for the input everyone! Really appreciate it. I'll either go g-ones in a 30 or cinturato in a 32.

  • I have a pair of g-one speed TLE 700 x 30c, unused.

    Bought them when it seemed like the Vittoria Rubino Pros I'd ordered were never going to arrive but then they did.

    £50 + p&p for the pair of you want them.

  • dibs if OP isn’t interested. :)

  • I'l take 2nd dibs please if you don't sell

  • Sorry guys I already bought em

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Tubeless Tyres -"saying the same things about tubeless tyres over and over again" Fucking read the fucking first fucking post.

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