• always remove core to add, sealant clogs up the presta mechanism.


    Also remove core when you blast the tyres to get it to seat, not always necessary (especially if you can just pump up the tyres) but make a big difference if you struggle.

    If you're fitting a new tyres on, it's sometime just easier to pour in the sealant from a unseated part of the tyres.

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  • Always did that with MTB. For some reason (I think less carcass to play with), I inject for road tyres

  • yeah not much room with road, to be fair I tend to use a truing stand bolted onto the workbench to make it easier.

    Pour in, turn 180 degrees, then plop bead in.

  • then plop bead in

    Or an onion.

  • Fucking fuck, fucking fucking fuck.

    Read the first post (over and over) - but I still find every time I try and seal tubeless tyres, I can never get the bloody things to seal, even using an airshot. It always seems that the valve core pushes the tyre beads out near the valve but the tightness of the tyre pushes it into the centre of the rim around the rest, and air escapes out the sides.

    Every fucking time.

    Anyone else find they don't understand why they can't make it work reliably?

  • Read the first post (over and over)

    To be fair, it doesn't mention lube. You can cut the friction which is resisting the aerodynamic force trying to move the bead up onto the shelf by at least 90% with just water as a lubricant. Depending on the weather, phase of the moon, whether you're in the northern or southern hemisphere etc., you might want to add a very small amount of soap as a wetting agent.

  • Interesting, thanks!

    I do tend to keep the tyre dry so that my hands don't slip getting the tyre on - will splash some water on now the tyre is on the rim

  • How many layers of tape? And what tape?

  • Make sure the tyre is sitting over the valve core. Push the tyre down on to the rim with your palm over the valve core when you open the air shot.

    If the tyre is tight enough on the tape it will go up - I find that when they are tight the tyre tends to straddle the valve core so half the air just blasts out and up the side of the tyre from the valve. Worth taking a time with a tyre leaver to make sure it’s sitting over the core.

  • Hang the wheel from a hook/door knob when pumping.

  • Finally got it to work after adding another layer - had thought tape that was on would be ok as it had had a tyre on before with no issue, but the second layer helped.

    Also think that the valve core wasn't helping as the protrusion into the rim was pushing the tyres out - have switched to a narrower based valve with more joy.

    And tried schwalbe g one speed instead of formula IRC rbcc.

    Basically changed the whole lot and it worked....

  • Thanks, I agree valve core seems to be a big part of it!

  • ...speaking of - which valve cores are people using + liking for road?

    I realised after I fitted the tyres last night that the ones I've put in are not removable cores, which is a bit crap - not too big an issue as I've squirted sealant straight into the tyre before it mounted, but I should swap out for some better ones. Keen to find ones which don't go too wide in the rim bed

  • Tried pushing the tyre down with one hand while releasing the airshot? It's how I got the Pro Ones to seal - no sealant, no airshot, just one-handed pumping (ooh nurse).

  • In other TL news I finally bothered to try again with my 650B setup, added sealant and they both inflated immediately just with pumping, no airshot thingie. So that's nice. Only problem is I've since fitted a rear mudguard which is probably too small for these tyres. Le sigh.

  • +1 for this technique

  • The Wiggle Lifeline ones have been good to me so far.

  • Never had any problems with Stans, although they didn't work too well with my Velocity A23 rim, though that was probably more my shonky rim taping.

  • I recycle stems from busted inner tubes.

  • The title, I know, but there’s a 134 pages of this...
    Have some 700 wheels, wintage Wolber (edit) Profil 20 tubs.
    Anyone patient enough for newbie 2020 New Year recommends for everything I need (want to run 25’s, ideally gumwalls.)
    And sorry, again.

  • You might want to try the tubular thread

  • Ok, ok, I get it.
    heads off to page one

  • Agreed. Fucked if I can find it, mind you.

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Tubeless Tyres -"saying the same things about tubeless tyres over and over again" Fucking read the fucking first fucking post.

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