• Gotcha, might just stick to the original plan.

  • Running doc blue but need more sealant . If i top up with stans will i die ?

  • Doc Blue is Stans in different packaging, so yes, you will die, but not due to mixing sealants.

  • Got a sidewall cut a couple of weeks ago, plugged it with an anchovie and everything was peachy. Today it started to leak again.

    Watched a couple of how-to videos and decided to go with the least amount of faff. Patched it like this without sewing the cut:

    It's currently reinflated (needed to use a compressor to seat it) and holding air. Fingers crossed it is still fine tomorrow.

    Schwalbe g-one 35mm

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  • Patched it like this without sewing the cut

    Do people actually sew them up?

    I supposed at £50 for a new tyre why not. It's like tubs all over again!

  • I sewed a tyre. Took 10min.

    Why throw it away, if it's good to go still with a little effort.

  • I haven't busted one for ages, but I kinda wish I could back in time now and fish all those Michelin Mud ii I killed from the recycle bin. I patched some from the inside and glued a few but there were some where a needle and thread could have been the obvious answer.

  • Nylon thread and a leather needle.

    Essential part of my long distance tool bag now.

  • Genuinely for tyres or do you have a bit of a Buffalo Bill thing going on?

  • Do people actually sew them up?

    Yeah, but I hope I will be able to get away with just a patch. Can always redo it if it doesn't hold up

  • Yeah for tubless mtb tyres.
    Of course

    If you can fix it, save it

  • I tend to add some of the flexy superglue stuff on the outside of the tyre to patch over the hole there too. Done me fine to date, although I am getting a bit tired with how quickly G-one's cut up

  • I had the same issue, couldn't get the patch kit to stick though, then I tried a park tools boot ( which was worse) then I tried gorilla tape which worked perfectly.

  • Well, it held air overnight so I think it's all good.

    Fwiw this is my first sidewall cut in the 2+ years I've run this set, they're great tyres and super easy to set up tubeless.

  • Those donellys went up first time. Pleasant surprise. Will see how they do tomorrow.

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  • I am really looking forward to uninstalling my tubeless.

  • Are you blaming them for getting lost last night?

  • Oh if only I could. And I didn't get lost, I just got, um, 'detached' from the group and then had to be located and escorted back. Hugely different.

  • Tubeless tyres on my MTB, losing pressure overnight, rear worse than front.

    Time to strip off, clean and re-seat/seal? Or just add a bit more sealant, pump up, ride and cross fingers?

  • Probably just the latter. How old is the sealant in the tyre?

  • 3-6 months off the top of my head.

  • I'd just pump more goo and go for a short ride

  • Cheers. Seems wise before I go to the faff of refitting. Ta!

  • Update on the mavic open pro tubeless gravelkings. I’ve been running 30 psi for the last 400 miles on mixed French roads without issue. I consider this tubeless experiment successfully closed

  • successfully closed


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Tubeless Tyres -"saying the same things about tubeless tyres over and over again" Fucking read the fucking first fucking post.

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