• Schwalbe s one are working well for me, or you could try the g one.

  • I'm becoming less impessed with the Bon Jon's tubeless, front decided to start leaking air through the sidewall on Saturday night while sat in the flat, doing nothing...

  • G ones are great, got both 650b and 700c. Just ordered some S ones to try on another bike

  • I've only used s-ones (30c) and panaracer gravel kings (32c) but both have been amazing for that kind of use. I rode dry-ish trails in epping on s-ones and they were fine too. Think GKs are a little less spendy? Gravel kings only go up to 60psi but that's plenty high.

  • Is there a tubeless-specific version of the GravelKing ?

  • No, it's the standard version. When panaracer launched the 650b version they confirmed all of the tyres were tubeless compatible up to a maximum of 60psi

  • Cheers! Didn't know that.

  • Racing Ralph Evo Liteskin - are they tubeless? Can't see the TL-Easy anywhere on the tyre, but the chap who sold me the bike reckons they should be ok. Wiggle's blurb seems to suggest it's ok too... http://www.wiggle.co.uk/schwalbe-racing-­ralph-evo-folding-cyclo-cross-tyre/ but I'm not 100% convinced.

  • I was running mine at 65 and I weight 83kg.

  • My rear s-one keeps on reopening at the same spot. I think the knobbles get caught on tarmac pulling the cut open.

    I had tried putting a patch on the inside of the tyre but i guess when the tyre inflates the patch is not holding well enough.

    This week I have had to use the bike heavily laden and that extra weight has not helped.

  • My Pro-Ones seem happiest around 45 front and 55 rear. This low pressure figure confounds me, but the bike rolls really nicely

  • What size are they?

  • 28's

  • Think I ran my One 28s at about that...

    ...so probably too high :/

  • Set up some Schwalbe S-Ones tubeless yesterday on Pacenti TL28s. Went better than expected.

  • I didn't even know road tubeless existed until I picked up a Scwalbe Pro One second hand and read it on the sidewall!

    So the question is: Can I use a tubeless tyre on a clincher rim with a tube and treat it as a normal clincher tyre?


  • Can I use a tubeless tyre on a clincher rim with a tube and treat it as a normal clincher tyre?

    Yes. It will be heavier and slower than it should be, but it won't come to any harm.

  • Thanks. I'll keep hold of it for the beater then.

  • 28's

    Do you have a height measurement for these? I'm not sure whether I have room for the 28s under my brakes, would be handy to get the right size first time.

  • From top of brake track or elsewhere?

  • Looks like 27.5 from top of brake track to top of tyre and 28.8mm width, this is at ~45 psi, on ENVE XC 29er rims.

  • Thanks, looks like my chunky brakes might preclude using the 28s.

  • I have some DT Swiss RR440's and want to make them tubeless. Does anyone have any experience in using the DT Swiss kit? Or shall I just get all Stan's everything? Unsure as DT Swiss's wording is pretty shoddy.

  • I've ghetto'd a few few wheels using Stan's and I've yet to have any fail. Fit and forget.

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Tubeless Tyres -"saying the same things about tubeless tyres over and over again" Fucking read the fucking first fucking post.

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