• Got a weird lump in the centre of the tread on my real GravelKing that makes a squelch noise when it meets the road. I guess it's delaminating inside or something, it's only 6 months and ~1500km old. Anyone warrantied a tyre through panaracer directly? bike-discount.de want me to return it at my expense and they'll take 2-6 weeks deciding if they'll warranty it.

  • I bought a version of that favoured kit off Amazon for a few quid. Did the job fine. Just bought more worms separately.
    Aa I think k @cycleclinic said before, I also stick some super (gorilla) glue in with the worm.

  • Thanks (and @pit). Looks like I'll have to get wider tape.

  • Fucking hell, after having some happy experiences fitting schwalbes tubeless to hunt wheels, trying to get conti gp5000s onto light bike rims is the worst I've ever tried. They feel so tight it's as if they're the wrong size tyres, cannot get even the first bead on. Anyone else found them impossible?

  • Yep gave up ! I have a set in 32 you can buy ­čśę

  • Ha well glad it's not just me!

    I could pay someone else to do it but if I get a puncture that won't fix tubeless, I am not going to be able to fix it on the road. Torn

  • They all stretch once they've been fitted for a while, don't they?

  • I had some tubeless CX clinchers that wouldnÔÇÖt stretch over a set of grails I have. Ridiculous. I doubt they would have mounted - the bead would have blown first.

  • First foray went very well initially. Tape went on. Tyres went on. Took a while to figure out that if I stretched the bead around the valve, and went for 5 - 8 hard fast pumps rather than many short fast, it'd ping to the rims. Ping more of a multiple 'ting' than a 'ping' but both have stayed up all week without issue. Chucked in goo, re-inflated, realised there was a bit of a dip on both front and rear (as if it's not seated properly).

    I deflated completely (goo bukake in the living room error won't be repeated), popped off rim and re-seated a few times on both wheels, but cannot get the dip to go away. I've tried to laterally push the tyre off the rim once inflated and it seems pretty solid with no air escaping. If it was tubes, I'd resign myself to just riding it to see if that fixes it (New rims and new 30c Pro Ones).

    Am I going to need dentistry on the first long descent tomorrow, or is it probably ok to try and ride it into shape?

  • What pressure did you go to on inflation? Some combos you'll need to go nearly to the maximum recommended to get the tire to seat.

  • Good to know - I went up to 70 psi which was shy of the max at 80.

  • thanks hive mind, problem solved - went past max PSI and all things are peachy down at more normal pressures...

    ...for the next me, things I learnt:

    • make sure bead isn't caught on valve (pinch and pull to get it around)
    • wheel flat / horizontal on the floor seemed to work best (hanging also worked, resting on tyre does not)
    • its ok to go past max pressure a touch
    • soapy water in a mug with an old tooth brush is a very convenient approach to getting some soapy water in, and it really does help
    • you know its properly seated by letting all the air out: if it doesn't stay stuck keep trying till it does
    • stans valve core remover really is very handy
    • your wife is not going to be pleased when she realises you accidentally got goo all over her winter coat you hadn't noticed lying on the side
  • its ok to go past max pressure a touch

    It should be OK to go over it quite a bit, the certification test is something like 100% over the rated maximum. If you're going to high pressures on larger tyres to get them seated, you need to be particularly mindful of the rim pressure rating, which is often lower than the tyre pressure rating and decreases as the tyre section rises.

    soapy water

    Lubrication is good, but remember kids, the lubricant is the water, the soap is only there as a wetting agent. Everything which isn't water is going to be left as a contaminant after the water has evaporated, so use as little soap as possible.

  • Struggling to remember why I got sucked into this bullshit for road tyres ....

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  • Then just read what tester just said about easy on the soap...


  • Should I never reuse a tyre thatÔÇÖs been fitted before? Seems like great way to sell a lot of tyres

    /goes off to find a fucking innertube

  • Oh mate

  • In the lfgss book this can go on the same two-page spread as Scoble's Randonneur track pump gauge

  • Moar tape

  • yeah, another layer of tape would have been sensible.

  • Now you know why I stick to familiar rims. Also the continued are not the wrong size. They seem to fit well to kinlin and my carbon rims. I ha e found schwalbe pro ones on hunts to be quite tight.

  • Kinlin xr series like the 22 or 26. I use them because they are the best option bar none.

  • Thread separating from the casing. Goodyear failed to warranty mine that did that. Oddly enough I am not sticking Goodyear now.

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