• The o ring just stops the collar marking the rim. I'm not sure t even does that.

  • Gravel kings, yup tried soapy water and I think all the tricks. It is not officially tubeless though, just a heads up for @Scrabble up thread.

    The same rim, tape, and sealant with pro one 25c works a charm though.

  • That's the problem then. Some non tubeless rim just can't be run tubeless easily. You may need alot of tape to build the rim up. On one tubeless rim I had to apply ten layers of stans to get a tubeless tyre to go up.

  • On one tubeless rim I had to apply ten layers of stans to get a tubeless tyre to go up.


  • Some points on road tubeless 26min onward

    I'm happy with 25mm GP4000s on my road bike and feel no need for tubeless on that so I guess I agree with them, and they made some good points about the relative levels of faff involved.

    I've never tried proper road tubeless though.

    Other half was in the same room as I was listening to it though and complained that they kept "saying the same things about tubeless tyres over and over again" which I felt was a good point.

  • Just the usual Americans mangling European words :P

    Not as bad as that guy in the YouTube video in the cars thread mispronouncing 'Classiche' though.


  • What are Vittoria replacing the hyper voyager with? Are they replacing it?
    I am deeply in love with them.

  • "saying the same things about tubeless tyres over and over again"

    The unofficial title of this thread

  • I have nothing but good things to say about tubeless. Piece of piss. Maybe I just have a good tyre/rim combo with HED Belgium+ and G-One Speed's in 30mm. Mount tyre, put sealant in, put rest of tyre on, pump up. Done.

  • People (like @Dammit ) could say the same about tubs.

    I think the point they were making was; there is a certain mechanical knowledge thats assumed with tubeless and the trade-off isnt huge on road. And that the compatibility tied in with availability is an issue as the industry hasnt decided on a standard.

  • Yes, I haven't actually listened to the podcast. I was merely stating that I have had a good experience with tubeless. Also, I think the benefit is definitely there. Touch wood but I have not had to stop for a single puncture in a year. I don't even know if I have had a puncture in the last 12 months. The minimal hassle of setting up tubeless tyres is definitely worth it in my opinion.

  • DT Swiss tk540 and schwalbe marathon supreme. The tyres fell on which was not a good start for tubeless.

  • I used to say the same thing on my MTB and road bike. Then I tried proper tubeless tyres and never looked back. I was quite happy with gp4000s and Corsa and pave tyres once
    I still like the pave.

    I am using Mavic yskions tyres on the commutor at present and these are decent tyres. The one party trick they have the feel good at 40psi front and 50 psi rear and I weigh 85kg. Can't do that with tubed tyres.

  • The podcast argues that a road puncture takes 5 mins to repair (or replace tube) and happens maybe twice a year if ran right pressures etc. For 10 mins per year is it worth the 'faff'?

    Tbf I never used to puncture much before tubeless either.
    Always used good tyres though, GP4000S, Corsa, Turbo Cotton etc.

  • Now the official unofficial thread title

  • Let air down to put sealant in through valve on my IRC RBCC and they pinged off the rim. Can only get it to seat when taking the valve out and inflating using airshot.

    Think an extra layer of rim tape will fix that but are there any other tips bar soapy water?

  • Thread title changes are big in 2018

  • Won't seat using Airshot with valve in place?

  • Nope! Might give the valve a little cleanout, if that will help.

  • It’s more the ‘when you puncture’. Sods law says it’s when it’s pouring with rain/late for work/in a vital sprint for a sign on the club run etc.

  • Yass. Controllable faff at my convenience > random faff at a random time

  • Absolutely. I am 100% tubeless on all bikes :)

    The frustrating thing is the bike industry needs to settle on standard(s).
    This still feels like the great wars of disc brake standards couple of years ago.

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Tubeless Tyres -"saying the same things about tubeless tyres over and over again" Fucking read the fucking first fucking post.

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