• What's the recommended tubeless repair kit for road tires? Tire worms? I hardly get punctures and rather tired of carrying inner tubes.
    Also, can someone link me to rubberised super glue?

  • What's the recommended tubeless repair kit for road tires? Tire worms?

    Little bottle of sealant, that rubberised superglue that likes being wet, couple of worms.

    Won't save you from the dreaded sidewall gash but then not much tends to, other than tube + boot + limp home

  • It's carrying sealant really necessary? I just want to reduce the amount of crap I carry on my pockets.

  • No I suppose not. Personally I wouldn't leave without it but then I'm lazy and bad at topping up / cleaning out my tyres periodically.

  • Just remembered that I didn't top up my winter bike for 6 months, will do now

  • I'm starting out with tubeless from tomorrow. Is there an idiots guide? I've just seen what to pack in a repair kit (worms, sealant etc) which is great. Any other dos and don'ts for day to day usage?

  • I have the Algae, it's noticeably darker and less blue-ish than the picture suggests.

  • I've been running Paves with tubes (with a bit of sealant in them) throughout this entire winter and I've only had one puncture. Really impressed, especially after getting the most punctures ever on Vittoria Corsas last summer.

  • Anyone have experience with Hutchinson Overide?

  • Sidewall gashes if not too big can be fixed with worms. Use the big fat ones and two if you have too with lots of flexible superglue to hold them in place. If it hold 29 psi that's enough not be in the rims.

  • topping up / cleaning out my tyres periodically.

    Wait, whut!? I never signed up for that!

  • You don't have to clean the tyres out. I never have but you sometimes have remove the valve core and poke screwdriver through to clean the valve out.

  • Great stuff, much appreciated

  • Have not been impressed with the hutchinson sectors, heavy, don't feel great to ride and a pita to seal on the (limited number) wheels I've had to fit them to. G ones ftw atm


  • Maybe my legs, but the G ones (not speed) felt quite slow on my audaxing this weekend. Was trying to keep up with everyone on light roadbikes and struggled. Maybe 1.5" 650b is a bit too much tyre for road riding.

  • Hmm thanks for the comments.
    Although opinion seems pretty split....

  • I like my Sectors... went up with a track pump.

  • Damn this personal preference malarkey!!

  • I run the 700x30 at 40psi....

  • I was riding about 50psi. 85kg with about 3kg carradice on the back.

  • Good tips there, you're almost selling the worms idea to me.

  • Just found 2 x Hutchinson fusion 5 and fluid for under £50 delivered:


    Promo code works. Have bought from these previously - a bit slow as they ship from France but cheap as frites.

  • After 2000km on Schwalbe Pro-1, I've had 3 punctures on the rear tyre and none on the front.

    The 1st puncture, which happened on the second ride after going over to these new fangled tubeless tyres, wouldn't seal. So I ended up removing the tyre, pouring out the goop and fitting a tube so I could continue my ride. I had intentions of patching the tyre and removing the tube, but this never happened so punctures 2 and 3 occured with a tube fitted and no goop in the tyre.

    After puncture 3, I can't get the trye to seat properly so I am assuming it is knackered. Now I am wondering whether to replace with another tubeless tyre or just go back to something like Duranos or Michelin Endurance which typically managed around 5k between punctures.

    Although I've yet to have a puncture on the Marathon Supreme tubeless on my other bike - but very different tyres and use.

    If I go tubeless again, I won't be going for Pro-1s; too fragile. IRC or Hutchinson, is there anything else? Max I can fit is 25c.

  • After 5000km in my 30c G-One Speed’s, I’ve had to replace the rear. Still no punctures but lots of cuts and bulges. Was getting a bit worried that it’d start to leak air soon. Pumped it up first time with a standard track pump and just popped straight onto the rim. Probably the best tyres I’ve ever used for all around road riding and unbelievably easy to install. £47.50 seems steep when buying compared to other tyres but they’re ridiculously good value considering how great they’ve been. So happy with them. Oh and my rims are Belgium +’s. Great tyre/rim combo.

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