First Lo Pro build, 'Thomas' mystery frame

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  • Done a good job with that Max all worth the hassle in the end


  • Thanks dude have been riding it for the past week its a really great ride! def worth the extra bit of work required


  • Proving difficult to source some period correct rims..

    Tempted to get some H+ archetype in grey or silver, would they look odd on this build? Can anyone recommend me a better option?


  • I've been really struggling to get some decent vintage rims too, I didn't realise it'd be this hard...

    Personally I don't think archetypes would suit it. Is the front 650c or 700c? If it's 700c I'd get tb14's in dark grey

  • 700c

    Not even in silver? Have a bit of a penchant for aero profile rims ;)

    The dark grey tb14s will probably look more authentic though.. Hmm

  • Hmm they could look alright actually. I'm a sucker for low profile dark rims though haha

  • I think the tb14s would look good as well. It looks good now with the dark rims on.

  • Yeh I like the Wolber's too. They are a fairly aero rim, thought they weren't massively dissimilar to the grey archetypes

    Which I'm also tempted by. Main thing that's putting me off is the grey anodizing will get rubbed away pretty quickly by the brakes, won't look as tidy as the silver

  • I used Kinlin XC279 rims as I didn't like the branding on the H+S. They're as wide as the Archetypes I think and 28mm deep. Only issue is that there doesn't seem to be anyone stocking them in silver so I had to order them from Germany. Can highly recommend them, they're very stiff so you can build a nice low spoke count aero wheel.
    There's also the Kinlin xr31 which is even deeper (32mm) but only BHS in the US seems to stock them in silver.

  • I'm with these guys. I don't think the Archetypes would suit it. I don't think the branding on them would suit the build.

  • I have some Mavic G40s on a build that are grey anodised, and they still look good even though it comes off the braking area.

  • Sorry poetic have gone with the silver archetypes d:)

    I'm also a little unsure about how they'll look, but apparently the archetype is a better rim, and silver just makes sense to me for longevity's sake. I can also remove the decals if they are a little offensive.

  • Last pic of the build with current wheels :) have put some spd pedals on there, and swapped the seatpost out for a ti one, not enough length on the Suntour unfortunately.

  • seat rails look slammed, maybe you need a zero setback post? If you're that far forward maybe a shorter stem? should help getting power down

  • Thanks for the observation, pretty sure it wasn't a conscious decision to put it that far back.. will nudge it more to the center and see how it feels.

  • Final update, Wheels arrived from @thecycleclinic

    Very pleased with them, superbly put together. Much recommend :)

    Pretty sure that's it for now. Thanks for all the help and advice!

  • Looks good! The archetype's look better then I thought they would. Will look amazing in the sun with that paint as well.

  • very nice

  • Thanks chaps, rides like a dream.

  • Nailed it :0)

  • hi
    this is not a mistery frame the frame was built buy Ronald thomas in rohans cycles in london
    my dad started to put his name in the lugs when i was about 13 or 14 years old about late 70s to past 80s this frame should have a date stamp in it
    Alan thomas

  • hi
    you cant put a cheep crap stem in it its built for campagnolo from the 70s and 80s
    my dad made these frames they where made for raging and touring made to order to fit the person
    byeing it every frame was made to fit properly
    and most of the decals had a gold outer rim the date stamp on the bottom is when it was finished
    before it was painted
    not many of these bikes are left lots have been lost
    but the small bloke in the bee gees had one made buy my dad dont know if he still has it
    a lot of riders from the morlboro cycling club in london had some made if there still going you may find info there

  • Hi Alan yep it looks like a few people have enlightened @MCamb that Ron Thomas & Rohan bikes were connected. Nice to hear about the old builders straight from the horses' mouth (or his son!).

    Five years back this thread, wonder if he even still has it. Strange that the Reynolds Decal didn't seem to match other details about the tubing. I only skimmed the thread, but it was only the steerer that seems to be rifled (though I was under the impression there were various Reynolds offerings that had rifling, people seemed to think it was a Tange or Columbus tube).

    Unfortunately the other thread you bumped today, that was started a good decade ago, was by a much loved forum member who has since left us for the great traffic free smooth road with a tailwind in the sky.

    Do think about choosing a more memorable name for your ID and join in some of the other classic frame-builder chat. There's a lot of interest in many frame builders past and present in here. Think of an old framebuilder, and hit search!

  • this is a ronald thomas bike built by my dad in the 70 on ward there is a date stamp under the crank
    most of these were 535 but all were fitted with campagnolo all not the cheep crap it wont fit properly
    and will get stuck most of the tubing used had riffling touring bikes had pump connectors on frame
    and road raging didnot so every frame with thomas was built by my father
    some decals were in thomas as well
    hope this helps you

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First Lo Pro build, 'Thomas' mystery frame

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