Non-cycling crashes that deserve attention

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  • 'Pedal confusion' may have been the cause of a driver accelerating rather than braking when he killed Melissa Burr.

    The safety committee was told that electric buses accelerate much more quickly than diesel buses. Tom Cunnington, head of bus development at TfL, said “pedal confusion” had been an issue for years.

    He said: “With electric propulsion — whether it’s hybrids or pure electric vehicles — it’s potentially more damaging when it does happen, because the power of an electric bus and its acceleration is much greater, and possibly gives the driver less time to respond to it.”

    The committee was told that research was under way into the layout of the pedals and that the drivers’ union Unite was being consulted.

    In-bus CCTV for drivers' foot movements:

    There is now CCTV in the driver’s cab which allows footage of the driver’s foot movements to be analysed after a crash.­eadly-bus-crash-victoria-london-melissa-­burr-driver-may-have-confused-brake-b970­223.html

  • A fairly odd case in which luckily little harm was done and only a parked car was hit; could have been a lot worse. I don't think the article does a very good job of explaining the reasoning in relation to the medical condition. I certainly don't understand it:

    Dawson was spared jail at Westminster magistrates court on Friday after Deputy Chief Magistrate Tan Ikram accepted he has Wernicke’s syndrome – a neurological condition which means he does not know he has drunk alcohol.­rrister-judge-spared-jail-drink-drive-we­stminster-magistrates-court-b972646.html­

  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • He obviously has addiction issues but no mention of any help or checking before he gets his license back in 3 years

  • AIUI Wernicke's encephalopathy is a brain condition from Vitamin B deficiency, often brought on by excess alcohol intake.
    I'll refresh my knowledge...

  • Ah, thanks. Sounds like a clever defence.

  • A fatal crash on the M25 after which two drivers were charged with dangerous driving:­wo-arrests-after-man-dies-following-car-­crash-on-m25-b974631.html

  • A local incident

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  • On Christmas Eve- (prob not quite the right thread), a neighbours garden wall was was demolished.

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  • edit

    I don't think there is evidence of that in the article. I can think of other reasons why they might arrest the other drivers but I thought we refrained from speculation after a death on the roads?

  • I notice the grit bin is in hi-viz and appears fine.

  • Just traumatised from the near miss

  • That's horrifying. I guess no CCTV at that spot? Best wishes to Tom, injuries sound awful.

  • Yeah, really quite harrowing. To leave someone on the ground with very serious injuries after a collision like this is just such an awful thing to do and makes me sad.

  • That's horrendous. There doesn't seem to be CCTV nearby that I can see on StreetView, but perhaps something turns up, although I imagine the police will already have exhausted that possibility. Slight downhill, sweeping corner ... that used to have parked cars there until the footway was remade and the car parking removed at that point. Tom's injuries sound terrible, and I hope he succeeds in recovering from them.

  • (prob not quite the right thread)

    If it's a non-cycling crash that you think deserves attention, why not?

    Not a hit-and-run, I take it, given that part of the numberplate was left?

  • Yes, probably too much speculation, but I thought it was odd that two other drivers were arrested for dangerous driving, as I've seen a similar pattern in plenty of crashes in Germany. I'll edit that bit.

  • Not a hit-and-run

    I have no idea actually, could have been a stolen car? Not seen any more info. last time I checked it was all still a mess and the license plate was still there.

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Non-cycling crashes that deserve attention

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