• Hi everyone!

    After this exciting week I think it is time to talk about the future in the UK. :) It was so inspiring what they put up there. Let's see what we can do in 2016!

    As most of you know last year we started a tournament series to improve the level of bike polo and give plenty of tournament experience for players who haven't had much before. Unfortunately it happened at the same time when London went really quiet as well. I know that we had loads of support and some negative comments on it, but I believe it was a successful year. Not to mention that apart from the opening event everyone was welcomed from London as well. Thanks for the support though, in the beginning many London players reinforced me that it was a great idea.

    It was great to see that we had tournaments every month, sometimes even two or three in a month. The level raised month by month. Although the main aim changed throughout the year (not just city bench, London played etc.) and I was happy to see that loads of old and new players get involved in organizing and participating.

    Thanks to Canterbury / Birmingham / Sheffield / Glasgow / Manchester / Bristol for the organization.

    So let's see what to keep for the future:

    1. Regular tournaments (every city chose a month and made that happen)
    2. Different formats: bench, normal, single shuffle, ABC which suits best the location and the organizers
    3. Planning ahead (tried to keep the same Sundays)
    4. Everyone welcome (like it happened last year apart from the first tourney)

    As Matt started a conversation about the UKHBPC, I think it is a great start for a new year as well. I'm happy to keep up to date information about the tournaments and talk to the city reps about who can do what and when (like this: https://goo.gl/mfb6tL ). As soon as he is back from Timaru I'll talk to him about this.

    I'd like to thank all your support and participation last year. The series provided plenty of opportunities to compete against each other and have a lovely time as well. Thank you!

    What about now? Keep going! As probably you heard the amazing Bristol courts are going to be taken away from us, so we are planning to organize a

    TAP OUT Tourney on the 20th of March (Sunday) at St. Pauls.

    Information coming soon, get your teams ready!

    Any constructive idea welcome, please join this group on Facebook for information about the tournaments, although we will try to use this platform as well.

    Have a nice Sunday!

  • In for tap out tourney!! Who wants to polo cycle there?

  • In for all of the polo. Are we talking St. Pauls in Bristol by the way? Just to be clear

  • Up for a polo tour to bristol.

  • London was not invited to this so-called UK tourney series because we "went really quiet?" Pfft.

  • Excellent inference.

  • I can't imagine the decision making there, but what's done is done.

    More UK tourneys would be awesome.

  • @superluca you want ride 120 miles on polo bikes?

  • In for the tap out tourney and why not joining @GranthamMiles and @SuperLuca on the polo ride to Bristol ^^

  • Stop in oxford and split it over 2 days. 60 miles a day on any bike is ok.

  • Down for that

  • Also down.

  • Can't do Bristol but IN for all other series!

  • in

  • Rode Farnborough to Bristol to see the tournament last year albeit not on a polo bike. It was a pretty straightforward ride from what I remember. Could be tempted.

  • Definately at least one Birmingham team interested, maybe two.

  • down for the ride

  • Might be up for Bristol...

  • Nice one todd.. in for the ride too

  • Tap Out Tourney
    20th of March (Sunday)
    Bristol, St. Pauls Sport Centre. Last tournament here on these beauties..
    Registration opens on Wednesday 24th of February! Sort your teams out grin emoticon
    First pays with at least two definite players first served.
    See you all soon
    Please share in your club! Cheers x

  • Ey up, Sheffield will have a small scale Shuffle Saturday next weekend if anyone fancies a day in Yorkshire. (27th of Feb, Shoreham Street) Details over FB

  • Would anyone like to play with me?

  • SuperLuca, if thats not a trick question I would but you would have a handycap straight off the bat!

  • Are we doing "fete a la maison" ? @cafafox and @DBKAllan

  • Both Dan and I are keen

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UK Tournament Series (Calendar) - summary of the TBC League --> TAP OUT Tourney

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