Caad10 Track, stripped, new fork and resurrected!

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  • Got the Cannondale built up, got some small stuff to fix.
    put on 28tires, switch saddle and trying to decide if i should have the energy to polish the cranks to finish the polishing of the seatclamp and silver thomson post.
    It's a loong winter up here though

  • trying to decide if i should have the energy to polish the cranks

    Easier to sell these and buy silver ones, no?

    OT: Bike looks good! Don't see many of these around. Is the rear of the bike raw aluminum and the paint then fades? Looks cool.

  • Have to say, in that setting and those bars the CAAD 10 tark looks great. looks like there's clearance for for something like a 30mm gravel tyre too.

  • Nice.

    Needs drops though ;)

  • I think it looks really good as-is! The silver seatpost is a nice touch, and I'd keep the cranks black. Fatter tyres + proper chain and you're golden.

  • I just hope the wide bar fashion dies soon. I like the bike though, would ride

  • wide bars 4 lyfe

  • haha, Got drops that I can put on if I change my mind, spend too little time in actually in the drops to justify it though ;)

  • actually really suprised on how much clearance there is. Both in the frame and fork. Even a 30mm tire would be no problem i think.
    Been looking at the Challange strada bianca, might give it a go.
    Worst case, I can run it on the CX if i'm going to do some tarmac rides

  • @LucasNilsson

    Sorry to dig up an old thread but i'm interested to know how you're getting on with the bike? Comfortable on the street?

    Not sold on looks yet but they're coming up in a few places for a good price and thought with a pair of 28's and a front brake it would make a great daily commuter that could easily handle some longer rides if wanted.

    Yours looks ace, cheers

  • I love it. Managed to crack the fork in a crash late summer when another cyclist went swerved over at the wrong side of the bikepath and i had to choose between her and a lightpost. So right now i got a caad12 fork on it, same dimensions as the caad10 but it fits the 28mm grand prix tires.

    been doing a couple of 80km runs on it. feels good, still responsive and stiff when pushing hard :)


  • @jono84 How much are they going for?

  • @LucasNilsson cheers, so you couldn't get a 28 in the standard fork?

    @Thrust yep Sigma. Irritatingly they add a 10% charge to sale items if purchased on the cyclescheme but it still works out about £725 which is pretty good.

  • not the conti gp4000 28, they actually measured 30.8mm on the ellipse wheels tho.


    I paid 800euros for mine because of some cosmetic damage. feels like a lot of bike for the money. Even if I hate the wheels and will never, ever buy system wheels again :)

  • When you start polishing stuff to make it match...

  • First ride today, forgot how good it rides

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  • Put on a new 18t cog, still clearance for the 28mm gp4000's measuring 30.9mm with the calipers. Nice and smooth :)

  • How did you get the green off?

  • ?

  • ordinary paint stripper, super easy actually

  • Cool thanks! @LucasNilsson

  • Does it use the same fork as the caad10 road frame?

  • yep, same fork specs as the caad12 too. I use a caad12 himod on it right now and I have a caad12 disc fork in the garage as well.

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Caad10 Track, stripped, new fork and resurrected!

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