RIP Big Daddy Wayne

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  • What Señor_Bear said.

  • funny as pip

  • "I think the seat took the brunt of it"

    Just magical.

  • "Only given the challenges we can cope with "

    Pip's guts push people to dark places.

  • So sad to hear of this awful news... Such a loss at such a young age... RIP Wayne... :-(

  • @Greasy_Slag #wouldrep

    I'm now glad I never took a long trip or shared a tent with Mr Peach, for I can fart worse and more than Greasy, all day long.

  • @Greasy_Slag

    Nice story Pip :)

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  • I hope he’ll be there with a coffee when I finish this ride. x

  • I met Wayne in the early days of the forum. I had a pair of shoes I was selling for a friend with the cleats seized on.

    1.) Sent me a PM to offer to help
    2.) Did it in his work time in his nice office despite having a lot on
    3.) Was interesting and patient while he Dremeled the cleat bolts off and answered various annoying noob questions about graphic
    4.) Did not expect or accept anything in return.

    I didn't really get why he was doing it at first, but he was one of the ones that showed me this 'spirit of the forum' which I came to see he absolutely embodied. I was really sad to read the news about him.

  • Devastating. Wayne was such a true gent in every sense of the word.
    +1 to a memorial ride

  • Nothing to add that hasn't already been said more eloquently by someone else.

    Count me in for the wake, possibly the ride and definitely funeral if we're allowed

  • I'll restore your original account for you, sign-in with the email you just signed in with and you'll have access to @Jacqui

  • @Greasy_Slag tears in my eyes. "Look at it as one of your 5 a day".

  • The passing of Wayne has drawn the Old Guard together, rekindled friendships, made us value the people who are around us. It would make him proud.

  • Just seen this thread, and like everyone else, hugely saddened by the news.

  • This. Although he quit polo in 2011, he was omnipresent during the London Open, this is speaking purely from the number of ex polo players here sharing their memories of Wayne.

  • The first time I had any contact with Wayne was when I asked on here if anyone had the Mercian font, he PMd me immediately and said yes and what did I want to do with it... I explained and a day later he'd already knocked up the graphic I was gonna do myself and emailed it over... I was amazed... A little confused as well, after all I'm a designer too and was more than able to do the job myself, but it was such a beautiful thing to do... I don't think he trusted me to do a good job... 😏

    I put a few jobs Wayne's way, not as many as I would've liked to be honest, and he always did a wonderful job... He always tipped me off about jobs when I was struggling to find work and I tried to do the same for him even though we worked in very different disciplines...

    And he lent me his bike box to go to Australia... Broke it, had to pay him for it but he was so loathed to take the money... I practically had to force the money into his hands... Such good people, he's still on my mind an awful lot... My gf, Lori, was so upset to hear the news as well... She adored him (and his coffee)...

    I've got loads more stories like that, he was always on hand to help out...

  • Speaking of his help with bike logos, the Condor cracked before I got around to re-stickering it...

  • Last time I was round Wayne's he showed me how the new Rourke font is rubbish because the old one included the outline of dog in the tick of the R.

  • I've been on here since the early days and I recognise BDW from my countless hours wasted posting. I'm certain that we've been at forum events together at some point too. His face is definitely familiar.

    It's extremely sad to hear of his passing, but also entertaining to read all these stories. It sounds like he embodied the best bits of LFGSS that I've been lucky enough to enjoy since signing-up: strangers helping each other out in a big and sometimes tough city. And talking endless shite about bikes in the pub.

    It reminds me that I should get out to more forum events.


  • @Greasy_Slag that's just brilliant. I hated making Wayne angry because he sure did get grumpy!

    In other news, we're having a bit of a bash at the brewery in Wayne's honour. It would be nice to see some old faces there and catch up, and raise a glass to Wayne.

    Saturday 13 February (tap room is open from 12pm, but let's say from 5/6pm)
    Canopy Beer Co
    Arch 1127 Bath Factory Estate
    41 Norwood Road
    SE24 9AJ (if you wanted to remind yourself of some of Wayne's work, or just find directions)

    love to all. x

  • nice one @stelle. i will be there on the 13th

  • Awesome @stelle I'll be coming up to town for it.

  • Nice one @stelle it's in the diary

  • Will be there. Thanks @stelle

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RIP Big Daddy Wayne

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