RIP Big Daddy Wayne

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  • Sad news.

    Big character on the forum. I can only imagine more so in real life.


  • I didn't know Wayne but I knew he was a key part of the forum and the whole scene. I'm sorry for the loss. Condolences to all.

  • We have all lost one of the bedrocks of the LFGSS forum. A true OG in every sense.

    @Markyboy – I absolutely loved your sentiment.

    He was one of my very best friends and I loved him dearly.

    I will never forget when he took me to one side outside the Manchester Velodrome and told me he would like me to join the Grupetto.

    I am very lucky I have many fond memories of him.

    ON YER BIKE! @moog @hippy

  • No way, can't believe this. Nothing I can say will add to the lovely tributes and respect already paid by those closest to him here. RIP bud, you were too kind.

  • I am genuinely upset. Wayne was 100% nice guy. Those of you that knew him know he was nothing but give. Never took. Always happy to help out, even offering Mrs Braves new women's team his design services for free as his way of 'giving back' to the sport.

    We have his work framed in our house, a limited number print he made for Mrs. B's birthday. I look at it everyday as I sit on the loo.. He loved that..

    The world is a little empty without him.. But at least we had him with us, in our lives, even if it was only for a short while.

    RIP BDW. x

  • @Zed On yer bike! What a good weekend. Gutted I never made it to Gent 6 day with him, I'll have to make the trip sometime...

  • Just realised, my first ever West beers I got introduced to @big_daddy_wayne, @dmczone and @50/14

    All three were excellent company and eager to share and chat about bikes and anything else.

  • RIP Big Daddy Wayne. Crying as I write this. I am available to supply a list of people I really wouldn't miss, WHY DO THE GOOD DIE YOUNG?
    In memorium Digs

  • Ride In Peace Wayne!
    Archie's Grobags salutes you!

  • That was a great weekend. Such great memories

  • RIP Big Daddy Wayne.

    I was limited to buying my Track Champion from him, but he went above and beyond in that sale and gave me a bunch of advice about building it up. My nickname for that bike was Daddy Dolan.

  • sleep well, gaffer.

  • My nickname for that bike was Daddy Dolan.

    Love that!

  • I see the sad news is now public. We've lost a true gent. We'd done so many rides together and I have so many great memories of him. From the early forum rides and pub visits to him herding cats on various CS Grupetto outings to Manchester track or Ghent 6-day, stickering the Cuntster at his place, we'd often chat shit about coffee machines and he struggled along with my old Bez for a while until he upgraded.

    "Awight gaffer?"
    "C'arn Shaaaaaane!"

    He loved trying to embarrass the Alpha Male Aussie me by getting me to order him a Baileys on ice or his famous Lemonade Top which was the opposite of a lager top - all lemonade with a hint of beer.

    He would also always text me to see how my various big races went. More than my parents would!

    I still wear his Rollapaluza design shirt, his banned rework of the Penguin logo shirt, his WAC shirt is treasured and I'd always take CS Grupetto kit out to Oz and other foreign countries so I could send him a selfie out in the bush somewhere wearing it. I'll treasure the custom Grumpie shirt he made me.

    Stickering the Cuntster

    After finishing the London2Paris

    Grupetto team dinner

    Wayno stirring his coffee with a 5mm allen key on the way to Manchester

    BDW and Murts outside the John Snow.

    On the first Tweed Ride

    Tom and Wayne climbing the Muur at the Tour of Flanders

    Grumps after Flanders

    Wayne's instructions to us at a Ghent 6

    Finally making it to the track he could relax.

    Manch World Cup. OMG chips and gravy! He introduced me to suet puddings there.

    After riding Paris-Roubaix

    A round of Belgian beers and a Baileys on ice please barman.

    RIP Wayno.

  • ages ago now...i was at his place when he was 'designing' this classic for hippy

  • That was a great trip. I'm sure he was horrified when I found those slabs of JD&Coke in the supermarket :)

    I was absolutely fortunate that poor Ricky was unable to make Ghent last year and I filled in for him. It was the last time I saw Wayne and it was fitting that it was through a cloud of beer, mates, antics, banter and bikes.

  • I wish I could bring back to life somehow.

  • Such a lovely man. I loved how he would bring a thread back to its proper focus by posting a picture of a monkey too. Sorely missed BDW. xb

  • Slabs of pre-mixed JD and Coke and babe station on the tv. Lfgss keeping it classy.

  • Such terrible news, RIP.

    I only met him a couple of times and always thought how much of a great character he was.

    The Penguin T-Shirt I bought from Teenslain is still my favourite.

  • A great loss of a true gent. RIP

  • Babestation! I forgot about that. My, how my mind was opened on that trip ;)

  • RIP Big Man (ya wee gadge!) always a positive bloke, gutted to hear about this, used to bump in to him at the Nocturne every year, missed it last year.

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RIP Big Daddy Wayne

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