Furrys MAMIB (middle aged man in baggies) bike

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  • Its a whippet of a race machine............

    That headset cover is fecking huge. I have a Box of smaller ones though.

  • I managed order the correct damper mount kit!

    Apologies for the mud natch tyres. They were £8 each.

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  • You're further ahead in the fork install than me. I've not even put the crown race on yet.

  • It's starting to look liek a biek.

  • Scenery looks good. More shots of that please

  • Looking at the gap above the tyre, it looks like the fork was made for a bigger wheel?

  • The slate is for both 26" and 650b.
    Bit annoying.

    But the A-C is right.

  • Bloody phone. Struggling with pics.

  • Oh very nice
    You're going 1x9/10? Hows the rest of thembuild looking now?
    Looks ready for some enduro racing to me nudge nudge

  • It'll be 1 x 11.

    32 : 10-42

    I'd quite like to go bigger at the back. But these big range 11 speed cassettes are mad Money. My cheapo dropper post is jammed. So might have to invest in a New one at some point. Was thinking of getting a X-fusion one as they seem to hit a real Nice quality-to-price ratio.

    Just need a rear x12 axle, an 11 speed Chain, and 165mm cranks arms now.

    Its getting my sexy Hope M4 brakes off the fatbike. I replace them With something cheaper. I thought the epic traction of the fatbike would require epic brakes. But I really dont move fast when snow biking.

    lines starting with a 'greater than' denote quoted text

  • Try again. .....

  • Try again. .....

    Fuckity pic uploader.

  • try imgur.com and use a direct image link

  • Was just this side on one.....

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  • Biek looks nice.

    Also, moar background scenery pls.

  • The frame, fork, Wheels, and cockpit all look burly as feck.
    Yet the bike actually feels pretty light so far.
    Plus it only has 120mm of travel each end.
    I find myself totally clueless as to how this is actually going to ride.

    Thats just the veiw from my patio of Sunnmørsalpene. Which is where I do my road riding, and aparantly has a load of enduro type stuff going on. Need to invest in a car rack and get out there.

    Usually looks like this though.....

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  • Pfft. Looks OK I guess.

  • The more local Shorter Mountains have trails cut into them every 10 kms. Its nuts. Been using the fatbike to go exploring With a mate. Loads of possiblities. Although these are hiking trails. So you cant really smash it about. Further inland is where the proper AM stuff is. Sunnmørealpene was voted best am/Enduro/trail/or something - area in the national MTB mag.

    Cant be any better riding up there, than riding in London surely.......

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  • Have you got a better idea of the fit now?

  • Nope.

    Need to take the seatpost clamp off my fatbike to hold my seatpost. Plus theres no rear axle. So i cant actually sit on it.

    The front end looks high unsagged. Because the X-fusion fork fits both 650 and 26" Wheels to save Production costs. Its quite long. We're talking 10mm there though. I can drop 20mm by swapping the headset cover.

    Need to buy an axle really.

  • I might be using my X-Fusion in 2017. How about you :-)

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Furrys MAMIB (middle aged man in baggies) bike

Posted by Avatar for Smallfurry @Smallfurry