Furrys MAMIB (middle aged man in baggies) bike

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  • I've always wanted a nice full sus mountain bike. But have mainly ridden fully rigid single speeds off road. I guess I havent had an excuse to build one up, despite living where I do. I always found it more time effective to throw a single speed around local stuff.

    My main riding bud, and the stronger guys from my roadie club will be racing XC. So I figured I'd build up something that'll allow me to join them. But will also cope with enduro rides in the local alps ( I may have a mate doing tours). This thing will be a slow XC machine. But I'd rather sacifice XC speed for a more aggressive bike to use in the mountains.

    I wanted 26", as I'm a short arse.
    I wanted one of the cool brands that I always lusted after.
    I wanted efficient climbing.
    I wanted mad downhill fun.
    I wanted cheap (fucked this up though).

    Current build list....

    Commencal Meta SL frame (120mm travel)
    DT Swiss X313 shock
    DT Swiss XMM TS fork (120mm travel)
    Single remote for F&R suspension (open, climb, lock)
    Sram X1 gears, 32T chainring, 10-42 cassette.
    Hope M4 brakes.
    WTB KOM 25 rims
    Powertap rear hub, Hope tech front.
    DT super competition spokes.
    Easton haven 35 risers.
    Easton haven 35 stem (60mm)

    Pics to follow.

  • The powertap was bargin offer I jumped on. It'll mean I'll be more inclined to train on this bike.

    But it needs a specially made freehub for the SRAM cassette.
    Its needs a custom made 180mm rotor to fit the Meta frame.

    So wasnt a bargin after all.


  • So XC....... :-/

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  • .

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  • You haven't even unwrapped it yet.

  • Dont want to dirty it.....

  • Understandable.

  • It has exactly the same reach as my spotbrand. Which was pure XC, and had a 90mm stem.

    Thinking 60mm stem plus 730mm bars (I'm wide shouldered so 730 feels like it could work).

    Kinda tempted by 50mm considering the bar width. But worried I'm going too AM. I'm going to be doing long climbs on this. The fork drops 25mm in climb mode, which might help offset the short stem.

    Difficult to know I guess.

  • I've totally forgotten to put that saddle in the post, bollocks.

  • Difficult to know I guess.

    Pretty much. I've settled for 710mm bars/80mm stem on the Ogre and 785mm bars/50mm stem on the Talbot.

    If you're REALLY lucky, you might get it right first time :-)

  • I'm in no hurry. Can't budget a quick build.

    Glad it didn't get lost though. I've had a nightmare over Xmas. Been without a di2 battery for months. As well as loads of other shite going missing.

    Now my front hub and rim are overdue.

  • My bars are 750. I was going to chop a load off. But they feel ok. I figure I'll just install them as is.

  • Doing a rebuild of my crank bros candys for this.

    I've given an old XLC dropper post some tlc too. Seems to be working smoothly again. Didn't get any lighter though.

  • This is the frame BTW.

    Mines in the bottom of the wardrobe. I need to buy a house for sake of my poor bikes....

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  • Finally got some spacers to fit the shock. The bolts are a chunky 10mm in diameter. Which matches the internal diameter of the shock bearings (not really a bearing). So no bushing in place. Bit of a risk. But I'll just have to check for wear.

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  • Wheels are built. Need to do a tension check and final tru.

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  • Got a great deal on a barely used X1 group. Taken off Z new bike.

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  • Thinking of getting a race face turbine cinch crankset.

    Mainly because I like the spiderless look to be honest.

    It'll be 32T : 10-42

    Which is a nice range.

  • Intriguing mutant XC/All-mountain build is intriguing....


    Speaking of stem & bar length after trying my mate's Santa Cruz Nomad I'm now going to rid myself of my 740mm Renthal risers and 50mm Truvativ Hussefelt stem and go straight to 800m and 35mm Joystick builder stem


  • I'm thinking 750mm bars and 50mm stem.

    I wanted renthal but ended up the Easton. Had to keep them within a Xmas present budget.

    It's barely XC now. Starting to think of it as short travel AM. If that's a thing.

    Im going to spend so much time lugging this fucking boat anchor up steep trails, while being past by XC whippets. But meh.

  • It's barely XC now.

    With a bare frame weight of fifty tonnes that's hardly surprising

  • You're doing it wrong. obviously need a yardstick

  • Yeah.

    I haven't put any heavy components on it other than the rear hub. It's all frame.

    Could have gotten in on the group buy the local guys were doing, and gotten a Chinese carbon frame. Which may well have been smarter.

    I just wanted this more.

  • White only.

    I also wanted a 35mm clamp. Out of pure curiosity.

  • I haven't put any heavy components on it other than the rear hub. It's all frame.

    I do think the linkage is pure sex though. Lovely to look at. The grey version's seat stays look like bones.

    Should I own one, I'd prefer it to be going up on the back of a truck, than me peddling it :)

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Furrys MAMIB (middle aged man in baggies) bike

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