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  • I've found loads of great off road within London, like in the west along the River Crane which connects a series of open spaces. Hounslow Heath another excellent space, or further up in Hillingdon along Yeading Brook, another series of parks and open spaces.

    Just had a look at my map now comparing Jonathan O'Keefe's multi mapper map which loads every single ride's track regardless of what it's on, and looks like you have inadvertently highlighted an issue in Wandrer's maps which don't show all paths/carparks/private, those that are not "roads". So my map is actually a lot denser than it looks in my previous post which is from Wandrer. And it's likely that Jonathan has probably ridden a whole lot more too!

  • Ha. What would you do without me? :)

  • This is a great idea. I might try this in Oxford. I've already done the ring road and all the main roads from the ring road to the centre so now I could start working on filling in each section like a giant Trivial Pursuit game.

  • Update: I got a Wandrer email this week saying I've done 44.9% of Greater London's apparently 24,210km of roads. Most rides, which are usually a couple hours, I get about 15km of new roads. Doesn't look like I'm going to run out of things to do any time soon. Still have unridden areas within a 25min ride away from home. My strava rides with RER in the title have gone over the 700 mark.
    For London, Jonathan France is on 61.2%!

  • Generated a new heat map the other day after a particularly big RER ride in Ilford on the weekend.
    Making progress outside of the A406, mainly on the western half. Almost up to the M25 at Uxbridge, but not quite yet. Can see tiny clusters in the map at Potter's Bar, Romford, Croydon and Slough/Windsor.
    Progress feels to be slowing, especially as the circumference expands. Still finding every ride to be interesting and completely unique. Notice odd things, like foxes in an area north of Mitcham, their tails have all been half chopped off. SUVs are everywhere. Cycle infra is a joke. There are excellent unexpected little gravel paths all over. Laughing gas is very popular in boring suburbia, and now comes on larger containers rather than little canisters.
    Pity can't share the entire heat map proper, hard to show the granularity in one screenshot.

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  • This is ridiculous! I can’t get my head around the planning!!

  • Impressive, keep it up!

  • Good thing about this is I don't do any planning, just look for somewhere I've never been and wing it. Much easier than tiling!

  • Ha as I’m currently looking to see where the closest missing tile is 🤦🏼♂️

  • Awesome.

  • Ricky Gates on his Run Every Road in SF a little while back. Interesting to hear how there's no best way to do these.

  • Is that true? They talk about improvements to the Traveling Salesman algorithm. Sounds like there kinda is a best way to do these. Obviously it will depend on your parameters somewhat, like what is "knowing a city".

  • It's complicated, and incomplete data doesn't help. Plus an algorithm dealing with efficiency would struggle even more with subjective things like working out what feels good just riding around on bike. I'm sticking with the 'good enough' approach.

  • Coming up with the minimal solution for a specific TSP like problem is incredibly computationally expensive.

    Coming up with something that is very close to the optimal/minimal solution is quite cheap computationally.

    The difference in the two terms of doing rides/runs like this is pretty much insignificant compared to real world variables let alone the human effort of the challenge itself.

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Ride every road

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