Ride every road

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  • Well done, you've got my road (in Ealing)!

  • Fantastic!

  • Please, how do you generate such a map ? incredible job so far.

  • http://www.jonathanokeeffe.com/strava/ma­p.php
    Found this one to be the best for high detail.

  • Ruserius, You are The King! I love to see your explorations. I can see that you are taking plenty of paths where you are not supposed to be cycling but I'm just as guilty in Richmond park and Wimbledon commons.
    Keep on exploring.

  • great effort @Ruserius

  • Wow. I honestly cant think of anything else recently thats impressed me more than this.

  • Ha, yes I do sometimes bend the rules, but nothing too serious. I'm a 'if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there, no one will hear it/if there is someone, just apologise' kind of person. Also, makes up for all the roads I miss. Now you mention it, I need to see Hampstead Heath and the outside of the inner circle of Regents.

    Feel extremely fortunate to have London on my doorstep and have found this.

    Check out Ed Welter on Strava who has done a number of cities and is doing a big city in Mexico now (Guadalajara). He does it similar to me, but during the day and takes good photos. Gangs there are more heavily armed. Check out Ed Welter on Strava

  • Hello, I am just starting out a lockdown challenge with my two girls age 7 and 12 to ride all the roads in our town. We have done one ride so far.
    I am looking for a cool mapping tool to show all the data. I like the red map above, how have you created this? Thanks Lauren

  • Hi Lauren, not sure how the OP did it but an easy way would be to upload your rides to strava, then sign up to veloviewer.com . It's about £10 and it syncs all of your rides from Strava and puts them on a map (as well as a load of other stuff which you won't need).

    Map and pen could be great though.

  • Hey Lauren, great to hear and your girls are going to explore like this! Super way to learn about your town.
    I use Strava, and then use https://www.jonathanokeeffe.com/strava/m­ap.php which is free and makes a nice clear higher definition map than veloviewer.

  • Thank you for the quick responses. I shall check these out. I already have veloviewer so will have a look at the othet suggestion. I was trying to find something that would allow me to select which routes are shown as I ride a lot but only want to ones for this challenge to appear. Maybe I am searching the impossible 😊

  • Amazing think I have cracked it - the Johnathanokeeffe link has an option to add keywords. So if I use all the same keywords for all these rides it will only pull that data. Amazing. Getting a little bit carried away with this. Got us little tops with team logo on and everything.

  • That's it, I use "RER" in all of my ride titles where I am specifically doing this, so it acts like a hashtag when I put that into the keyword field. I've also go carried away - 670/1647 of my strava rides have RER in the title!
    Any tips on riding with little ones? I want to take my 9 year old niece around her neighbourhood, so am thinking of riding all the pavements and paths around the estate where she lives, like a little obstacle course, steering away from main roads.

  • Riding with little ones is good but can be a challenge. With any cycling it’s about confidence. My little one was on a trailgator but now rides independently. We try to plan routes that are not too busy. If there is a busy road section she will ride on the path and I ride next to her on the road.
    The key is food - take lots of food. It solves everything!
    My eldest will do 20 miles with me on the road.

  • I ride around central London with a 4 year old. A 9 year old should be much more sensible but these are the things that have helped us:

    1. Route selection - we only ride routes that are very well tested / de-bugged, ideally on cycle paths and very low traffic roads. We resort to pavements or putting him on tow to link things up safely. Route Plan Roll is great.
    2. Listening - not listening to instructions (even a small lapse) means we go home without stopping for cake.
    3. Engagement - he is in charge of telling me when to stop at junctions, when cars are coming, etc. That helps me tell when he is paying attention and keeps him focussed - similar in princple to shisa kanko.
  • Good advice! Really like the idea about young one being in charge of calling out the instructions.

  • Out of interest, what bike are you doing this on?

  • Fixed is definitely the best and most fun I find. So I'm onto my 3rd frame, all 2nd hand, having broken:

    1. my first love, a 2008 Genesis Flyer
    2. Aventon, it grew on me
      Now back on steel, a pake "Rumrunner" frame bought off matteroftaste, with Schwalbe durano pluses, Garmin edge 800, and 700mm wide bars. My favourite gear ratio is 48x17 for a good all-rounder of 74gi. This setup is pretty much perfect, wouldn't change anything.

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  • This forum is almost all about living vicariously for me if I'm honest. With that in mind this is becoming my favourite thread by far! Chapeaux indeed.

  • Excellent. I think I've seen that bike and yourself about - will give you a shout next time.

  • Ah! What you riding? Easier to recognize bikes isn't it.
    Amazing how you bump into people in such a huge city. Had one of those crazy coincidences night before start of festive 500. So a guy I know through fixed beers, we rode to Paris and back one weekend a couple Decembers ago. I was doing an area round Norbiton, somewhere round there, went down a dead end and on way out saw a couple people on front lawn. Not many out as it was -2. Looked one in the face and it looked like him. But i just thought no ways it could've been and rode on a bit. But then I stopped, quickly checked his strava, stalker-like. And saw his rides ended in the very road I was in! So sent him a message saying I thought I just saw him and hi! Got a message back few minutes later saying to come back and say hi properly! The chances of him being outside at that moment.

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Ride every road

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