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  • To give a more useful answer:

    Assuming you want I think they are mostly M4 but would definitely measure and/or try some spare bolts.

    You also get different lengths. Good news is they're like £4 for 100 on eBay so you can just replace the lot in one go if you buy the wrong ones.

  • Thanks +frankenbike and +hippy.
    The pedals are Cube All Mountain and after some more googling I think these are the correct replacement pins: https://www.bikester.co.uk/cube-pedal-pi­ns-flat-1072415.html

    Took me a while to understand that Cube AM in the compatibility list most probaly stands for A ll M ountain...

    That being sad I might mostly ride these with sneakers on not super technical terrain. Maybe I can fit other shorter pins.

  • So I have received these used Cube All Mountain Pedals and would like to see if I can give the bearings a bit of love. One is a bit rough. It seems like I need a very thinwalled 8 or 9mm nut though to remove the spindles. Does anybody know where I would get anything like that?

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  • My HT pedals need a special socket to get to the nut. and judging from your picture your pedals look almost identical to my HT ANS01's

    try one of these;

  • Awesome! Thank you I will try that.

  • So for reference in case anybody is looking for that information.
    Yes, the mentioned HT Components 8mm socket tool fits.
    Also since the Cube replacement aren't available at the moment I tried some regular cheap m4 pins and they fit too.
    I also took the pedals apart and cleaned them up. If anybody is looking for axle replacements this Funn Black Magic Pedal Axle Kit looks identical to what I pulled out of the Cube pedals but I didn't try them.

    Now for the fun bit. Does anybody have any good tips for completely seized and fucked pins? I got out all of the old ones besides one.
    I tried the hex key but the screw head rounded.
    I tried a spanner but the screw rounded.
    I tried grapping it with waterpipe pliers but they slip off.
    I took a metal saw to the screw to make a cut and use a screw driver but it keeps slipping too.
    I tried WD40.
    No luck. Any other ideas?

  • Tap and die set to 'cut' it out?

    Could also try Dremel or drill and see if it cuts enough of the pin away that it comes out.

  • Hey guys just building up my fixed gear and wanted some recommendations on best pedals comfort wise but also not too bulky to go on it.

    Thanks in advance

  • If you're riding fixed, you'll want some foot retention => flats & straps, toe clips or clipless

    The former is presumably why you posted here?

    V12s (or copies) and regular restraps will do fine

    Otherwise, I prefer the diagonal straps. So I use those and a pair of cheap Odyssey Twisteds and they are fine also

    Other people will have suggestions

  • Yeah man sorry I should of mentioned, I am not that new to riding fixed just new to building from scratch. I currently have some redstrap straps and using some cheap dmr plastic flat pedals on my old bike but I find they are really wide and also don't look that great. So I was wondering what everyone else has gone for to get some ideas really

  • Afraid I subscribe more to the function > form philosphy (not to mention using what you have unless it needs replacing). I doubt you'll get significantly smaller without going clipless. If you are on the pedals, does a slightly smaller one look any different? You want a decent platform + if it ain't broke, don't break it.

    Get some 3M reflective material or something else loud and sew it onto the straps to make them really lairy and make a feature of it!

  • I bought some standard m4 pins. Should I use Loctite to keep them where they are?

  • You could get some MKS track pedals. Some of them are a bit old school but there are some modern variations. You may need some different straps though but they are smaller than a MTB/BMX flat

  • Roger

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  • Bullseyes. Nice.

  • Yes I prefer the more subtle colours but that stands out

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  • They are pretty. Could never have afforded those. Rode Odyssey Triple Traps (still have them on the commuter shopper!). Similar shin-eating experience.

    Bullseye hubs also looked great.

  • "Unfortunately, due to COVID 19, we have been forced to close our store. Thanks for your support and purchases."

    From https://bigchaps.com/ the place I used to buy Catalyst pedals. Anyone know where the best place to buy them is? I was going to get some of their Catalyst Evo pedals for the MTB.

  • The flat pedals I bought have started getting side play in them and I found a loose pin. Have ridden less than 150km on them. Expected a bit more from $60 pedals. Unfortunately we’re in a 7 day lockdown so I can’t take them back to the shop just yet.

  • Did you use threadlocker on the pins?
    I'm assuming they don't have it from factory.
    I've lost a few from my Catalyst pedals.

    As for the bearings, is there any scope for adjustment? Any lockrings that have worked loose? Unlikely but possible.

  • No threadlocker on the pins. I will grab some when I’m able to get to store that sells some.

    As for the play, they have a Allen key on the outside of the pedal, but it seems tight. Surely it wouldn’t come loose after such a short amount of time.

  • If they have a plastic bushing it might have a flat spot or something, I've had this happen with multiple sets of mtb flats, both cheap plastic ones and dmrs.
    My solution was to buy pedals without bushings.

  • Well I finally got back to the shop and took my bike in with the pedals still attached. Showed him the play in the pedals. He tried tightening them up (which I had already) done, and agreed that there was something wrong. Ended up swapping them for a different brand, so I’ll see how these go.

    I did neglect to tell them that I have ridden through water that completely covered my foot (and subsequently, the pedal), but I thought of that after I swapped the pedals over.

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  • Has anyone used Sidi Dominators with no cleats on flat pedals? I'm guessing there would be a distinct lack of grip due to the uneven surface and hardness of the base.

    Just thinking about them as an option (if the midfoot adapters don't work) because they dry quickly compared to stuff like Five 10s.

    EDIT: Well, I didn't like the midfoot adapters OR riding Dominators with flat pedals so looks like it's back to skate shoes.

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Flat pedals thread

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