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  • To give a more useful answer:

    Assuming you want I think they are mostly M4 but would definitely measure and/or try some spare bolts.

    You also get different lengths. Good news is they're like £4 for 100 on eBay so you can just replace the lot in one go if you buy the wrong ones.

  • Thanks +frankenbike and +hippy.
    The pedals are Cube All Mountain and after some more googling I think these are the correct replacement pins: https://www.bikester.co.uk/cube-pedal-pi­ns-flat-1072415.html

    Took me a while to understand that Cube AM in the compatibility list most probaly stands for A ll M ountain...

    That being sad I might mostly ride these with sneakers on not super technical terrain. Maybe I can fit other shorter pins.

  • So I have received these used Cube All Mountain Pedals and would like to see if I can give the bearings a bit of love. One is a bit rough. It seems like I need a very thinwalled 8 or 9mm nut though to remove the spindles. Does anybody know where I would get anything like that?

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  • My HT pedals need a special socket to get to the nut. and judging from your picture your pedals look almost identical to my HT ANS01's

    try one of these;

  • Awesome! Thank you I will try that.

  • So for reference in case anybody is looking for that information.
    Yes, the mentioned HT Components 8mm socket tool fits.
    Also since the Cube replacement aren't available at the moment I tried some regular cheap m4 pins and they fit too.
    I also took the pedals apart and cleaned them up. If anybody is looking for axle replacements this Funn Black Magic Pedal Axle Kit looks identical to what I pulled out of the Cube pedals but I didn't try them.

    Now for the fun bit. Does anybody have any good tips for completely seized and fucked pins? I got out all of the old ones besides one.
    I tried the hex key but the screw head rounded.
    I tried a spanner but the screw rounded.
    I tried grapping it with waterpipe pliers but they slip off.
    I took a metal saw to the screw to make a cut and use a screw driver but it keeps slipping too.
    I tried WD40.
    No luck. Any other ideas?

  • Tap and die set to 'cut' it out?

    Could also try Dremel or drill and see if it cuts enough of the pin away that it comes out.

  • Hey guys just building up my fixed gear and wanted some recommendations on best pedals comfort wise but also not too bulky to go on it.

    Thanks in advance

  • If you're riding fixed, you'll want some foot retention => flats & straps, toe clips or clipless

    The former is presumably why you posted here?

    V12s (or copies) and regular restraps will do fine

    Otherwise, I prefer the diagonal straps. So I use those and a pair of cheap Odyssey Twisteds and they are fine also

    Other people will have suggestions

  • Yeah man sorry I should of mentioned, I am not that new to riding fixed just new to building from scratch. I currently have some redstrap straps and using some cheap dmr plastic flat pedals on my old bike but I find they are really wide and also don't look that great. So I was wondering what everyone else has gone for to get some ideas really

  • Afraid I subscribe more to the function > form philosphy (not to mention using what you have unless it needs replacing). I doubt you'll get significantly smaller without going clipless. If you are on the pedals, does a slightly smaller one look any different? You want a decent platform + if it ain't broke, don't break it.

    Get some 3M reflective material or something else loud and sew it onto the straps to make them really lairy and make a feature of it!

  • I bought some standard m4 pins. Should I use Loctite to keep them where they are?

  • You could get some MKS track pedals. Some of them are a bit old school but there are some modern variations. You may need some different straps though but they are smaller than a MTB/BMX flat

  • Roger

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  • Bullseyes. Nice.

  • Yes I prefer the more subtle colours but that stands out

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  • They are pretty. Could never have afforded those. Rode Odyssey Triple Traps (still have them on the commuter shopper!). Similar shin-eating experience.

    Bullseye hubs also looked great.

  • "Unfortunately, due to COVID 19, we have been forced to close our store. Thanks for your support and purchases."

    From https://bigchaps.com/ the place I used to buy Catalyst pedals. Anyone know where the best place to buy them is? I was going to get some of their Catalyst Evo pedals for the MTB.

  • The flat pedals I bought have started getting side play in them and I found a loose pin. Have ridden less than 150km on them. Expected a bit more from $60 pedals. Unfortunately we’re in a 7 day lockdown so I can’t take them back to the shop just yet.

  • Did you use threadlocker on the pins?
    I'm assuming they don't have it from factory.
    I've lost a few from my Catalyst pedals.

    As for the bearings, is there any scope for adjustment? Any lockrings that have worked loose? Unlikely but possible.

  • No threadlocker on the pins. I will grab some when I’m able to get to store that sells some.

    As for the play, they have a Allen key on the outside of the pedal, but it seems tight. Surely it wouldn’t come loose after such a short amount of time.

  • If they have a plastic bushing it might have a flat spot or something, I've had this happen with multiple sets of mtb flats, both cheap plastic ones and dmrs.
    My solution was to buy pedals without bushings.

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Flat pedals thread

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