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  • I want to start a place for fans of the normal pedal to discuss stuff, like favourite shoes for cycing in, pedals that work well even in wet conditions, big platform pedals and shoes/soles that work well for pedals without (or with minimal) foot retention.

    Naturally Fixed riding with no retention is frowned on here. I bought some uber cheap plastic MKS that have little patches of grip tape on them, realised on my way to scotland I'd forgotten my pedals after removing them to mount fixed bike on the car. Rode in Scotland but not vary far or fast so it was fine, I actually thought these cheeps were great.

    I just ordered some MKS Lambda to put on my touring/commuter bash bike, looking forward to trying them. Anyone used these? I've been using MKS Stream and as soon as there's water I suddenly feel very unsafe on almost all my shoes, with the exception of Monkee boots - similar to commando sole.

  • Never rode on MKS Lambda, but I had exactly the same problem with the Streams, unless I was wearing very grippy soles (e.g. shoes that I could climb a mountain in) as soon as it got wet my feet would slide off them for plenty of "oh fuck" moments. I get the feeling they're only good with toe clips and I didn't want that.

    I've since stuck with Duo Resilite pedals, not really sure you'd call them "normal" as I couldn't see them on classic road frames but fine whatever the weather is or whatever my feet are in, generally roll around in Vans or Converse

  • I'm after some flat pedals for my Porklyn.

    I've tried several platform/pedals over the years and have never really found a pair that feel particularly substantial.

  • I really like Burgtec's.

  • Might well go for these:


    but they do seem a bit toppy.

  • I had some DMR V8's on my ss commuter a while ago, switched to clipless for speedsgains.

    They were heavy as fuck but grippy with any pair of sneakers.
    Going to put them on a ssmtb shopper after my Ti project is done.

  • Was chatting about flats to Wes at the London Bicycle Repair Shop off The Cut, he was saying flats are big with certain strains of off-road/MTB type riders, and some strange massive pedals are appearing. I had noticed that there are shoes aimed at this crowd that are specifically for cycling with flats - which is one of the reasons why I'm interested in this subject, I'm working on a new shoe idea for flats with or without clips.

  • @b&d Those fancy schmancy speed plays look tasty.

    Which other DX-shape pedals are people into?


    Duo Resilite
    Burgtec (Penthouse? m4)
    DMR V8

  • Hmm...

    strokes beard

  • I really like Burgtec's.

    Googling this

    Do I take it you mean the DX-looking one?

  • The name sounds like Jimmy Savile.

  • But they look goooood

  • I had them in the past, they're great, but felt a little narrow and tall.

    ATM my go-to flat pedals is the Nukeproof Electron, low profile, wide, nylon body , cartirdge bearing, replaceable pin, reasonably priced, decent weight and very grippy;

  • DMR V8

    They have a good reputation in the past but like Mavic, they're old school, there's better option out there than the ageing V8, the cheaper Wellgo are half price.

  • I'm a big fan of Specialized Bennies, good weight and great grip for the price

    Also, superstar make some awesome pedals,
    and a sale on ATM

  • I'm after some flat pedals for my Porklyn.

    The Proklyn would be amazing with BMW's own pedals, which is a perfect combination given that it look like it belong to a butcher;

  • DMR v8's all the way.

  • I've looked at them Ed, but they're ludicrously priced and rarer than rocking horse shit.

  • The specialized look good, £60 tho.

    The Superstar nylon pedals look like a copy of the Nukeproof for not a lots cheaper;


  • I belive superstar just buy from the same factory catalogue as Nukeproof and just self-brand them.

    Big DMR V fan. But to echo Ed, the design is old school and things have moved on, but they still do the job and are easy to tear down and service.
    If you have large feet you may find the V8 V12 feel small, but play around with pin placement and length and super tuneable for grip with normal non sticky footwear.
    It's also cheaper to find a nut & bolt shop and just get a bag of machine screws, think i got a 100 for less than a branded pack of actual pedal spare pins :)

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  • So every single one (part from the Lambda) is basically a DX shape. Anyone know why this parallelogram section is favoured?

  • Those Brooklyn's are fuckin Nuts! Also not the DX shape.

  • Also re DX: Shinscars? What's the craic with those pin things?

  • I am normally not a flat pedals kind of guy but I have resorted to them on a couple occasions while wearing "proper leather shoes" (probably a mistake in and of itself) and was quite annoyed to find that the grippy bits on the bottom had put some pretty severe dimples in the soles! Any recs for pedals to avoid this problem? Or is it time take action on my dream of proper shoes with coverable SPDs?

  • So every single one (part from the Lambda) is basically a DX shape. Anyone know why this parallelogram section is favoured?

    The parallelogram shape means that the pedal turns itself to the best position however you attack it with your foot.

    With non parallelogram shaped pedals

    it's possible to actually place your foot on the edge (or short side if you will) and ride along like that for a short while then the pedal will sort of snap round 90 deg which can be unsettling and/or lead to your foot slipping off the pedal. More easily done with pedals that have a deep section like those Odysseys.

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Flat pedals thread

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